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  1. Literally just let my dog out and can hear them making noises in the trees. This is some straight up garbage. It's February...
  2. How do you deal with your phobia? I have it too.
  3. I was 10 years old for the last cicada outbreak and I honestly think it created my phobia of buzzing insects. My parents have sworn I never had a fear like that as a young kid. Ever since then, Summers have been a living nightmare for me. I literally have had anxiety attacks at the end of every winter thinking about the arrival of the warm seasons. Stress is at an all time high all Spring and Summer. Literally stare out the door for several minutes to be sure there's nothing flying around everytime I leave a building or car. It's just, misery. I know I need psychiatric help. I hate it. I'm legitimately mulling over my options of moving out of state in May and June of this Summer to avoid the worst of it. Much easier said than done though.
  4. If you live in an area with trees, they're going to be EVERYWHERE. If you live in an area with mostly just buildings, you probably won't experience too many of them.
  5. It's on my mind at least once a day...
  6. I tell myself that all Summer long. Just keep grinding through lol.
  7. My issue is that winter is all I've got. I loathe Spring and Summer with a passion. The growing plant life, bugs, heat, humidity. It's awful. So I start getting bummed around this time every winter just because I know no matter if there's wintry weather in March, were still right around the corner from the inevitable arrival of the warm seasons.
  8. Not going to be picky. Winter storm is a winter storm. Honestly, an ice bombs justifies my decision to take off today more than snow would have. Haven't ever really experienced a sleet/freezing rain storm before, so something to remember. Let's go!
  9. Going on an ice walk! I'll take any type of winter storm over a 50 degree rain storm!
  10. Honestly what I really want from this storm is a few hours of really heavy rates this morning, even if that comes in the form of sleet. Haven't had HEAVY wintry precip in a long time lol.
  11. About 50/50 snow and sleet in Parkville 21234. Temperatures really climbed overnight. Was 23 when I went to bed at midnight. Now 28. Is that normal? I do love how sleet immediately lays on everything. Wastes no time starting accumulations
  12. Well, his write up still encourages good things lol
  13. Precip is going to be heavy in the morning. Very heavy in some spots. NW of the cities is safer for mostly snow. Near the cities is a very close call on exactly how much will be snow vs sleet. SE of the cities is probably a majority sleet. Pretty similar to many winter storms for our area. *Edit* I shouldn't say majority sleet. That's not a sure thing at all. But as you go NW you have the best shot for majority snow, as usual.
  14. There's going to be heavy precip falling into temps in the 20s. The line between snow vs sleet looks to be setting up where it would normally set up for this region. But very heavy precip. Sweating the EXACT placement of the sleet on tonight's models seems a bit...wasteful?