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  1. Decent icing on all cold surfaces just north of Baltimore City. Now I look forward to a couple sub-freezing days next week. I actually haven't looked beyond Wednesday in a few days on the models. It was starting to look bleak so I took a vacation from the models.
  2. Are we getting that late feb west track snowstorm we had a few years ago. That was nuts lol I need to be reminded of which storm that was. I have vague memories of it
  3. I could've sworn the way the question was worded was "What was Popeye's favorite food?" It made for a hilarious moment though! I love everything about her confident reaction and then looking back at her family who is disgusted
  4. Haha honestly, I heard "Popeyes" when he asked the question, and I immediately thought of chicken because of the food chain. I don't think it's that ridiculous of an answer, especially when you're in a situation where you have to respond so quick.
  5. Ruin? The Euro may not be what everyone wanted it to be, but it doesn't ruin anything. Still keeps things very cold. The precip amounts are more of the issue due to the main slug being north. Definitely not a reason to get all down and out though.
  6. Temps start out in the low 20s verbatim for that storm. Good signs. Very intriguing!
  7. Just taking a poll. Does anyone in here like cold and dry? Obviously we all love snow, but I equally love the cold. I'm getting the vibe that most in here hate cold with no snow because they say it's a waste. I respect that, I'm just curious if there's anyone else that legit just loves the cold regardless?
  8. If the pattern does wind up being much better around the 20th, will you be the type to admit you were wrong? Pretend like you never said anything and enjoy it? Or just disappear? You may be right, and if the pattern still sucks through the end of the month I'm sure you'll be the one to say those guys were wrong and grasping at straws. That's fine, as long as you own it when you're wrong.
  9. Someone hasn't been paying much attention to this forum outside of the past 2 hours...
  10. It's a smart strategy. I just don't have the self-control
  11. I know it will, but so far this winter most of the time I've looked at the models beyond 7 days, there hasn't been much in the way of cold at all, and let's be honest, that has been an accurate depiction for this winter so far. So yeah, it's nice to finally see some substantial cold, even if in the long range. Hasn't been one of those winters where the models are constantly showing cold 10 days away and it never pans out, at least from my vantage point. Guys in that forum have been saying for a little while now that signals become more favorable around the 20th and beyond, so to see the models zoning in on that is encouraging. You are right though, gotta temper expectations. Just saying it's nice to see, that's all.
  12. Thank you for the reality check. Still happy to see it trending in a colder direction. Love sub-freezing stretches.
  13. I'm personally very much enjoying the GFS keeping the 20th and beyond pretty much completely sub-freezing. Hope it's on to something!