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    • Looking so good tonight even turns me on anyone else?
    • Gaithersburg Maryland VP2 backyard weather station report for Thursday, July 28, 2016     Thursday featured a partly cloudy, hot and humid (highs in the low 90s - lows in the early AM once again in the muggy mid 70s - but actually the min for the day was reached tonight right before midnight with the cooling rain influence) Dew points ranged from the upper 70s to low 70s. It became cloudy with some thunder and lightning by mid-late afternoon with showers extending into the evening and the early morning hours of Friday. Temperatures early this Friday morning have dropped a bit more than they have been earlier this week, now in the lower mid 70s at 2:30 AM in the somewhat rain-cooled air out there now, and will probably lower no more than the low 70s before sunrise in a few hours. On Friday cloudy with showers and thundershowers likely mostly in the morning (50 POP) with highs in the mid 80s and mostly cloudy with a 30 POP for showers/storms - lows in the low 70s Friday night. On the weekend, more rain as both Saturday and Sunday should be mostly cloudy with highs in the mid 80s on both days, with a 70 POP for showers/ storms on Saturday during the day through Sunday day, lowering to a 40 POP Sunday night, lows in the low 70s both nights. Partly cloudy on Monday with still a 40 POP for showers/storms with highs in the upper 80s, lows in the low 70s but with no rain, then really drying out on Tuesday with mostly sunny skies and highs in the more comfortable mid 80s with lower humidity, sunny and upper 80s on Wednesday and Thursday, partly cloudy overnights with lows of 70°-75°.
      The weather underground link to my station data is:
      My CWOP link (CWOP ID DW4566 - one web address to see my real-time data there is:
      My data can also be found at: http://www.weatherlink.com/user/walrusman
      Thursday precipitation: 0.58" (LR) 0.04" (VP2 - must be blocked again)
      July total precipitation: 3.41"
      2016 YTD precipitation: 25.78"
      Other data for Thursday as follows:
      High temp 90.8° (1449)
      Low temp 74.0° (2359)
      Obs temp 74.0°
      Peak wind gust 11 NNE (1536)
      Relative Humidity ranged from a max of 97% (2313) to a low of 62% (1416)
      Dew point temperatures ranged from 78° to 72°
      Barometric pressure values ranged from 29.94" (0057) to 29.84" (1822)
      At midnight obs - Cloudy, temperature 74.0°, Winds Calm, Pressure at 29.88" and rising, relative humidity 97%, dew point of 73°.
      Current observations at 0301 EDT - Cloudy/light rain, temperature 73.5° (RS - 77.4°), winds Calm, barometric pressure at 29.83" and falling, relative humidity 97%, dew point 73°.
      Radar is showing rain over most of the Mid-Atlantic region right now, mostly light-moderate but with a few isolated heavier areas. Circulation is showing a move to the ENE, and should clear our area by sunrise.  Sunrise: 0607 (EDT) Sunset 2024 (EDT) Moonphase: Waning Crescent
      Kevin the walrus of Gaithersburg signing off early on my 66th birthday Friday morning.
    • Just 3.47" on the whole summer here after getting fringed hard again today.... #4 driest and #8 warmest on record so far. Hopefully we can pick up some much needed rain this weekend. 2016 #2 driest on record for the year here too 
    • storms blowing up over us at the moment.
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