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  1. Sweet, enjoy that Comp, very nice sled, My stepbrother lives in Caribou, currently looking at the Xterrain at Ft. Kent, maybe we'll see ya out there, most of my group are on Polaris I'm the outcast this yr, sold my '22 XCR.
  2. I'll be headed to Presque Isle on Saturday, buddy got to camp on Little Madawaska lake last night, he had 12" on the deck, south of there was slim, hopefully this storm evens things out and clubs can connect the dots, have a new Rave 850 staring at me.
  3. I bet the next tune he wrote after making this video was Why Don't We get Drunk And Screw, and now I see why!
  4. 1.58" for the day in Hopkinton Ma, 5.38" for the month so far.
  5. Had 1.37" in about 40 min in Hopkinton Ma. at my location, 9.86" for the month.
  6. 1.01" already in Hopkinton Ma. in a lull now.
  7. 39.7F In Hopkinton Ma. 1.48" of rain so far, at 450'
  8. Made it up Saturday, did 175 miles yesterday, Presque Isle to Madawaska and in between. 12-20" on the ground.
  9. Sounds like the county did well, I'm hearing 12" in Presque Isle and more the more north you go, and still snowing .
  10. It's got 3 years left on warranty, it can grenade, just not this weekend.
  11. Having a pregame Prep talk with the XCR now!
  12. Let's go Reggie, sled's ready, gear is still in the closet, Sunday morning departure or Monday morning bitchfest at work.
  13. My father is in PI behind the sled shop, buddies rent on Little Madawaska for the winter.
  14. That would be awesome, supposed to head to Presque Isle on Saturday or Sunday, if I have to drive NW a smidge so be it to unload.
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