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  1. Made it up Saturday, did 175 miles yesterday, Presque Isle to Madawaska and in between. 12-20" on the ground.
  2. Sounds like the county did well, I'm hearing 12" in Presque Isle and more the more north you go, and still snowing .
  3. It's got 3 years left on warranty, it can grenade, just not this weekend.
  4. Having a pregame Prep talk with the XCR now!
  5. Let's go Reggie, sled's ready, gear is still in the closet, Sunday morning departure or Monday morning bitchfest at work.
  6. My father is in PI behind the sled shop, buddies rent on Little Madawaska for the winter.
  7. That would be awesome, supposed to head to Presque Isle on Saturday or Sunday, if I have to drive NW a smidge so be it to unload.
  8. Rain all the way to Ft. Kent for Friday? Say it ain't so please.
  9. LOL, I live for it, but sometimes I think I'm nuts on what I spend, they go hand in hand, A love of winter weather since I was a little kid before I sledded and then an absolute love for sleds and modifying them, my father lived in Caribou since 1993 and recently moved to Presque Isle, been sledding up there a long time.
  10. I'm supposed to head to Presque Isle on the 14th, first trip on New Year's eve got shit canned due to lack of snow, If I miss this one it's another 4 week wait till trip #3, then I have 2 in March. Like most, I have way to much money in this 32 year hobby than I care to admit to my wife or anyone else. I'm praying for snow in northern Maine.
  11. My power is out, heard the fire alarm chirping from a dead sleep, thought it was the C02 going off, didn't realize the power was out and almost went through the wall like the Kool-Aid man. Great way to wake up.
  12. 4.22" in Hopkinton Ma for the event so far, looks to be about it.
  13. 1.86" in Hopkinton Ma. so far, and rising, expecting around 4" total when said and done.
  14. That's a tank, good job. What did ya get it on?
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