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  1. fz583

    January 12-14 Kitchen Sink Storm Discussion

    Get the brisket, It's excellent, and the beer is top notch also.
  2. fz583

    Long lasting intense Cold for New England

    -5.5 in Hopkinton Ma.
  3. fz583

    January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    Ripping snow in Hopkinton Ma, 3" so far, 20.7 degrees, pressure is 994.7 mb and falling fast, 19.2 Dew point, 94% humidity
  4. fz583

    April 3, 2016 Snowblitz Observations

    Snowing hard in Hopkinton Ma., 32 degrees, solid 3", highest wind speed was 10 MPH at 4:40 am from the NW
  5. fz583

    Feb 8th Monster Ocean storm obs and hallucinations

    7"? I had 4" in Hopkinton.
  6. How ya doing?, I'm in Hopkinton and have a solid 3"
  7. fz583

    Road trip help!

    split it, Milford ma, Hotel's/ food/ bar 1/8 mile of 495
  8. fz583

    2013-14 New England Snow Total-Table

    59.5 in Hopkinton Ma.
  9. fz583

    Post Season Snow Totals So Far + Last Storm

    2013-2014 season 41.5" Hopkinton Mass.
  10. fz583

    2013-14 New England Snow Total-Table

    28.5 In Hopkinton at my house
  11. fz583

    Jan 21/22 winter storm Obs

    I'm in Hopkinton, I'd say 4 here tops. 8? no way and I'm on the Southside of town.