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  1. I even managed 19 down here yesterday. That's odd for TYS.
  2. We actually overperformed this rain event. 1.80" IMBY. KCHA really cashed in with 2.60". We needed that.
  3. Heavy rain! Finally! First time since August 28th!
  4. That's good because today's threat is evaporating quickly.
  5. I don't even care about cold/snow at this point. I just want rain.
  6. This is good. I no longer need to get twice my average annual snowfall to see a warning.
  7. 0.05" here over the last 2-3 days. Didn't even knock the dust down.
  8. Dryness is easily at 2016 levels here. No surface water remains in any ponds near my house. They are totally dry. Not sure how the wildlife is coping with it. Even larger creeks/streams have very little flow remaining. I had 5.23" of rain in August, none at all in September, and only 0.54" in October. 7 Day WPC is also bone dry. Yikes.
  9. 38 this morning. I didn't get up early enough to see if there was any frost, but I doubt it. There was a slight breeze.
  10. 0.16" in the gauge yesterday brings my rainless streak to a close. The last measurable rain I had before that was 8/28.
  11. No measureable rain this month IMBY. I think that may have happened in the 2016 drought, but at a minimum I have tied my driest ever month.
  12. 97 over 78. Heat Index 115. I'm coming to John's house.
  13. My PWS is 90.5 over 78.5 DP right now. Running way ahead of this time yesterday. HI calculates at 106. It's going to crack 110 at this rate.
  14. Yeah it seems very unlikely that we hit 100 here. So far my warmest day has been 92 with this heat wave. I actually hit 95 back at the end of July with an 80 degree DP. That was the hottest day of the year so far. Calculated HI of 115. I'm sure my PWS was exaggerating the DP, but that was a brutal day. The DP's have been lower with this round of heat.
  15. I am running on a nearly two year streak of no triple digit temps. Last one was October 2021. That may end next week.
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