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  1. Western parts of middle TN have been hit with catastrophic flash flooding this morning. Dual pol estimates max out at over 17” of rain near McEwen TN.
  2. Looking at our area, we have had a couple of minor mud slides in Polk and eastern McMinn counties. Eastern McMinn in particular seems to have been hit pretty hard. I can believe that 10” total from Monroe.
  3. That’s a big miss by the globals on the precip shield. They had it more correct 48 hours ago.
  4. Looks like the GFS was correct with the rain amounts. The precip shield is more displaced to the NW from the LLC than on the other globals. MRX said 025"-0.50" today. Already over 1" and it's pouring down.
  5. I had very little snow and 4-6” of sleet from this one. Best sledding in my entire life. It also took forever to melt.
  6. I got over 4" just last night with the stalled boundary over the area. I really don't need any more from Fred. The Euro is lighter than the GFS (under 2" additional), but ALL of the models blew the heavy rain last night.
  7. I always look forward to the frontal based storms forming in events like this. It makes the end of the tornado risk easy to decipher on radar. We still have a long way to go.
  8. After the Easter EF3 last year, I do. I have one for every family member ready to go.
  9. Nasty hail core heading straight for downtown Nashville.
  10. I smell a large amount of incoming hail damage claims in Nashville. Looks nasty.
  11. 5.25" storm total for me. Biggest rain event since I moved into this house in 2019.
  12. I wonder if they experience higher than normal rates for home insurance. Seems like they are always under the gun.
  13. So far the name of the game with this event has been heavy freaking rain. MRX pulled the trigger for a FFW for the southern valley. It was needed. After our bout of heavy rain yesterday morning, there were bound to be problems with this much convection interacting with a stalled warm front.
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