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  1. Getting an excellent slow rain for my new sod today. Nice way to start August.
  2. I've had one good rainstorm all summer. One. It was last Thursday morning. I have zero confidence in any significant rain over the next week. Looks like the majority will be focused on I-40. I'm destroying my wallet watering new sod.
  3. Mine is just about to go dormant. I cut it Monday of this week, and there has been zero growth since then.
  4. Incredible. It hasn’t rained in nearly a month here. I had enough wind to knock out my power and strip some siding off my neighbors house, but zero rainfall.
  5. Lots of ill-timed thunder last night while I was supposed to be resting up for an important licensing exam this AM. That was really great.
  6. I’m turning 34 this year. I remember March being a very windy month in my childhood. This year is the first year that it has lived up to the expectations set by my memories. We have definitely lost all of the remaining weak trees from this area. That may bode well if we actually get a legit SVR outbreak in the next month.
  7. Lost power for a few minutes and had several bouts of dime sized hail. Didn’t look too bad on radar, but it really blew up right over the house.
  8. I can't remember our last dry month. I was surprised by the fires last week because it has remained so wet around here. We were way above normal rain for March.
  9. Winds with the line of storms were not that bad here. We actually had higher gusts with the gradient winds earlier in the day.
  10. My power has been out twice this evening, but has come back both times. Wind is still howling.
  11. Pretty much every model shows 50+ mph gusts area wide tomorrow, except for the NE valley. Mountains are more like 70-80 mph. It’s going to be another very windy day. Just like last week.
  12. I went out to the new house site in Apison Saturday morning after this event and grabbed a shot. Around here I never know if it will be 5+ years before the next event, so I make hay while the sun shines. The bare earth did not accumulate snow well in the photo, but there was probably double the accumulation here vs. at my house in the city at ~750’ ASL. This lot is around 980 ASL. I’m a little nervous being within spitting distance of the damage path of the 190 mph EF4 from the super outbreak, but I am thankful for the help that I will get in winter from the extra elevation and distance from the infamous Chattanooga snow dome.
  13. Winding down here. Barely an inch. It looks pretty, but I can’t help but be disappointed. It’s 20% of the model consensus forecast for this event.
  14. Absolutely no way that verifies. This thing is moving really fast.
  15. Flake size is really hurting accumulation here. That and the wind.
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