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  1. bikerman262

    may 10-16 convection

    Already getting reports of scaffolding down in Manhattan and a tree down on the Henry Hudson before the line is even here
  2. bikerman262

    may 10-16 convection

    Very dark with gusty winds in midtown
  3. bikerman262

    March 7th 2018 Coastal Storm Observations

    Thunder snow east side of manhattan!
  4. bikerman262

    1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    Pouring snow in Midtown can only see about a block or two
  5. bikerman262

    White Christmas 2017

    Some light snow mixed with rain in midtown just now
  6. bikerman262

    December 9th 2017 Crusha Obs

    Light snow in midtown, starting to pick up a little
  7. bikerman262

    Harvey - Main Thread

    Bayshore Medical Center in Pasadena being evacuated around 200 patients
  8. bikerman262

    Harvey - Main Thread

    500 bed level 1 trauma center that is a huge deal to evacuate
  9. bikerman262

    March 13-14, The Blizzard of 2017: Obs

    Thunder snow/sleet on the east side of Manhattan
  10. bikerman262

    March 13-14, The Blizzard of 2017: Obs

    Light snow falling here on east side of Manhattan
  11. bikerman262

    Jan 23-24th Nor'easter Nowcast/Obs

    Getting pretty gusty here in Manhattan. FDNY responding the multiple reports of debris blocking off buildings and scaffolding.
  12. bikerman262

    Severe Threat June 23rd

    Maybe dime sized, nickel size at the most, in the 30s on the east side
  13. bikerman262

    Severe Threat June 23rd

    Some hail with this storm in midtown, also getting really windy
  14. Some sleet starting to mix in here in midtown