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  1. A reading from the book of Revelations. The end of days are near. Repent.
  2. Ya think! Some real diehards this season. Some are STILL hanging on for dear life thinking their forecasts will be vindicated with a cold and snowy March.
  3. Yeah, the hose finally got turned off. We'll see where we go from here.
  4. If you watch the video you will hear how he had to fight management at WCBS to a degree to educate people and not dumb things down. You'll never see anything like that today. Most of the time he had to do it in under 90 seconds. He was also great at NJ101.5. I suspected at the time he was shown the door but he confirmed that last night on the podcast. Wake up at mid-night, drive an hour to work to start at 2am then leave for home at 10am. For 25 YEARS! He loved what he did.
  5. Here is a link I had sent to NJ101.5 that I had come across years ago. Still have great audio clips of Alan from his TV days, Hurricane Belle, Blizzard of 78 and some other events. https://nj1015.com/vintage-footage-of-weatherman-alan-kasper-video/ Only a few good on air Meteorologists around today, but Alan was one of a kind in his delivery.
  6. Off topic for this thread but I'll post it here since the weather is quiet. For those of you who were fans of Alan Kasper back in the day you will like this. A friend of mine sent me this link so I am passing it along. Lots of great memories. I worked weekends at WCBS late 1983 to late 85 and Alan had left by then. Wish I had gotten to meet him. A Legend. What came after him not so much. Here is link:
  7. Same here....lots more bird activity than usual for this early in the season. I think most I've seen at this time of year.
  8. Wintry looking visible satellite image this morning.
  9. All done here. Just flurries now. Finished with an even 9”.
  10. Snowing lightly. 8.6” otg. Light snow for a bit longer but it is wrapping up soon.
  11. 33 here. Light to moderate snow. Everything including road covered since it began about 30 min ago.
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