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  1. 12:45 and have been in the parting snow band for about 30 min with moderate to heavy snow and NEAR blizzard conditions. Current temp 25.5 with vis about 1/4 mi, sometimes a little lower when wind gusts. As of noon 2.5". Tough to measure with the wind. Will measure once this band exits but believe up to near or a tad over 3" now.
  2. 9:30 - Vis 1/4 mi S/BS small fine flakes but lots of them 29.3 degrees. Everything including pavement and concrete accumulating.
  3. Yes, my neighborhood rises sharply to north of Rt. 80 and that elevation helps in events like this. Was the same earlier this past week.
  4. 8:00 a.m. - 37 degrees with light to moderate rain. 8:20 a.m. - 33 degrees with sleet and rain mixed. 8:30 a.m. - 32 degrees light to moderate snow 9:00 a.m. - 29 degrees with light to moderate snow. Accumulating on everything but pavement and concrete but just starting to stick on those surfaces now. Winds gusty!
  5. Heavy / intense band holding along NJ beaches but making no progress westward to the GSP. All east of the GSP for the intense rates. Radar continues slow shrink NW NJ. Just s-- here. Likely will finish with about 2.5". Will measure at 8:00. Had 2.2" about hour or so ago.
  6. Walt, good to see you back. Everyone has missed you last several days!
  7. Report from buddy in Toms River....12" as of a few min ago.
  8. Not sure about 24"...but 18" seems certain for locations near and east of GSP. Band not making additional westward progress.
  9. Intense band along Jersey shore having trouble making it west of GSP and looks like starting to pivot move N to S. Absolute of heaviest snow likely over west of NJ Tpk., north of 78 and west of 287. That is the absolute heaviest...still some snow left to fall those locations but north of 80 and west of 287 not much additional.
  10. Just about over up here. Not expecting much additional accumulation. Snow shield shrinking slowly and being eaten up by dry air just NW of me. Ared expected to do well is doing as expected.
  11. 17 degrees here and 2.2" on the ground. Per radar the precip shield has gotten as far NW into NJ / EPA as it is going to get. Fighting dry air and a north wind. Spots that were targeted to do well are doing well. Radar looks good NJ shore up toward and especially east of the city.
  12. https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/discussions/qpfhsd.html Heavy Snow Disco from WPC. Sums things up nicely I think. Some of the posts in here this afternoon have been so negative. It is going to snow. There is still question as to where the western edge shaft zone is going to be but this has been in question for days. From coastal NJ to central / eastern L.I. really nothing has changed. This is a significant event. Need to watch this develop to get better idea where the <6" totals start and dwindle down west and north. So far this is not a walk the plank situation some are painting it to be. You have to get those Kuchera numbers out of your head.
  13. Yup to this....except the part about "historic" numbers. Historic in my book are in the top 5 totals of all time.
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