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  1. Hope Jebman is enjoying his rare snowfall in Austin Texas.
  2. Miami has the Texans pick, sorry for the banter. Our region looks to be getting two storms whether or not it's regionwide or not is the issue.
  3. On F5/Eurowx UKMET has a solid 3 to 5 inch snow from 95 north and west with CHO area and Blue Ridge into WV getting over 6"
  4. 1.12" for the day, foggy this morning but partial sunshine has already broken through.
  5. 0.5" and still some snow falling. Probably a bit more fell just north and east from here.
  6. It's coming your way and visibility is about 1/4 mile. Breezy as well
  7. Moderate to heavy snow here. Ground whitening fast
  8. 1.12" of rain on the event, a rare underperformer here. 68.4" for the year. Come on HRRR!!
  9. It is 56 degrees here with breaks in the cloud cover, models had us in the 40's for a few more hours.
  10. I will take the 30 to 50 mile northward tick on that