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  1. 1.77" since yesterday 3.1" for the month, glad the bulk of the heavier rain slid off to the east. The ground is totally soaked again with standing water everywhere.
  2. Radar is just ugly for southern MD once again.
  3. Very few to zero high clouds looking south and west from here, some clouds overhead but lots of blue sky.
  4. You are correct on the number of tornado reports. I should have said the hatched area did not have any strong tornadoes.
  5. June 1 2012 was a Moderate Risk day in DC/Baltimore area for Tornadoes and SPC added hatched for TOR at 20z a busted forecast. Storms coming across WVA right now look early.
  6. That scenario would produce a huge storm surge throughout the Chesapeake Bay, Potomac, Patuxent, Rappahanock Rivers
  7. There should be places in southern MD that have had 30+ inches of rain since July1st. My location has received 21.2"
  8. 2.67" overnight and 11.4" for the month.
  9. We will probably be going over 10 inches of rain for the month in the next hour, Calvert County look out. This train track set up is not looking good.
  10. The Sterling forecast discussion said that the best opportunity for severe weather would likely be DC/Baltimore and south/eastward across Delmarva/southern MD and central VA. More unstable and time for storms to organize.
  11. I assume that Laura needs to track north of the region... if we play the in my backyard forecast, to create the tornado threat/wind and flash flood threat. I've seen no models showing heavy rains north of Laura's track through the region for Saturday.
  12. I agree with this, Marco is the first storm and should have moderate impacts along the central Gulf coast. People need warning for BOTH EVENTS, and Laura has a much higher ceiling for trouble. The national media and potentially the emergency management officials are waiting for Laura to show her cards/media bosses are all in on the political conventions and chit chat.... we are heading for a potential significant disaster.
  13. What website has this for the UKMET? My EuroWX/F5 only goes out to 144 hours and has Laura as a 989 over Parkersburg WVA, strengthening however and heading straight east for our region. What was the landfall pressure for Laura on the UKMET?
  14. Let's have another Hazel or 1933 Chesapeake storm and see what happens, there was no such thing as suburbs in those days.
  15. GFS 12Z----How about plentiful rains for the next two weeks. We do not need that to verify