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  1. 2.38" for the day, 1.5" since midnight
  2. Charles County Scanner confirmed tornado on 234
  3. I had 10.5 inches of rain in August......have had over 10 inches several times in a month here previously.....let's have at it.
  4. 2.94" last night from the two storms and 10.44" for the month of August.
  5. The track of Fred is shifting east with each update. Trouble if we get soaked ahead of it this week.
  6. 4.41" last night. Thankfully the ground was dry here prior to that deluge.
  7. Power already went out once, lots of CG lightning and very heavy rain. And we are at the western edge of the boundary that has set up.
  8. This tornado in central Pennsylvania, fortunately did not impact anything. The motion was quite strong. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ctpSKYWARN/posts/910450359510524/
  9. Today was not just about sunny skies and having the most CAPE, thermal gradient boundaries, and outflow boundaries from last night's storms played into this if one is looking for supercells and the higher end severe weather. Sure if we all had an extra 2 hours of full sunshine and the regionwide CAPE was 500-1000j/kg higher then today would have been different. That isn't realistic in this region.
  10. This certainly lived up to expectations within the region from Philly to south of Fredericksburg VA, even if it did not in your own backyard.
  11. We have broken skies here in Charles County and even less cloud coverage further east and south. Already 1000 to 1500 MLCAPE east of DC, so we aren't in terrible shape. But the MCS rain shield over Ohio looks to head straight for DC area.
  12. The enhanced risk area shifted further north, the MCS rain shield does not look to be decaying much at this time.
  13. Thanks for that placefile Eskimo Joe. Should come in handy.
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