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  1. Close call...New England crowd is going to love this. We are still in the game.
  2. Sun is coming out again here in Alexandria, observations show the surface winds have become southerly, behind this system across West Virginia. Round 2??
  3. It may end up being "meh", but this is way too early to blow this event off around here. Ohio Valley storms are moving northeast.
  4. Significant supercell that is tornado warned passing to the northwest of Little Rock AR, heading for where else, Vilonia AR.
  5. OMG, " I don't know if there is a tornado in there?"
  6. I agree, a great supercell is fun to track and watch. They are a spectacular event. As long as it doesn't decide to unload on your backyard with the worst of it's capabilities. Tomorrow still has the chance to be on the higher end of expectations. Severe weather event busts happen in the very short term, both ways.
  7. There are cells attempting to fire south and west of Little Rock, those collapse and we have some significant clearing tomorrow. If these cells grow then we have cirrus overhead tomorrow. Whether the dynamics can overcome the lack of surface heating via sunshine remains to be seen. There could be quite a pocket of cold air aloft and lapse rates coming across the Appalachians tomorrow late day. Climatology suggests we should be looking for a conservative solution.
  8. I will be more than happy to have the storms wash out north of Charles County and lay down the boundary across the DC and north area, I also believe that tonight's Ohio Valley convection is going to play havoc with debris clouds. However, I also believe that will be more likely from DC and north. Already some discussion that storms may have trouble initiating in Arkansas. We shall see. Arkansas supercells and upscale growth into Tennessee and then West Virginia/SW VA would be the storms to truly put a cirrus shield overhead here.
  9. 4km NAM shows major clearing in the afternoon ahead of the evening supercells.
  10. Yoda, I have SHARPpy as well but probably not an updated version that can do specific locations like you are posting, is southern MD still TOR and PDS TOR Wednesday evening? And where can I find the updated version of SHARPpy? My older version shows DCA as PDS Tor at 23z Wed on 4km NAM
  11. These soundings and seeing the models showing a boundary setting up across southern MD, gives me the chills. Not liking this one bit. Hope it all stays linear.
  12. The hail came in four pulses, the 3rd and 4th wave started with what looked like quarters and then became a bunch of smaller hail. The ground never became covered here. The main impact in my neighborhood was wind. However, I am sure larger hail was nearby. The roar lasted for almost 3 minutes and you could hear it coming before the storm.
  13. OMG...this is intense wind and hail...you could see the rising motion and hear it coming from several miles away...still going