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  1. Another overperformer, 1.98" for the day.
  2. Measured 0.73" of rain this morning at 8am, probably approaching an inch total now. Seventeen of the past 22 days being dry, but the ground is soaked again with standing water.
  3. 1422 tornadoes and assuming this Wednesday's event does not become.a High Risk, I will say April 5th.
  4. 0.41" for the day and 5.03" for February. The ground is soaked once again, with standing water in many spots. The last small patches of ice melted away overnight.
  5. 0.41" for the day and 5.03" for February. Hopefully, March isn't too wet or windy.
  6. February 25th 2017 tornado/ 10 minute severe wind and the April 28 2002 La Plata supercell/tornado, are the two most significant severe wx events for my location.
  7. Radar from Charleston WV and Blacksburg is confirming a developing light precipitation shield regionwide with scattered heavier spots
  8. No doubt the GFS has it's issues, just hoping this isn't the January 25 2000 ice version incoming. The freezing mist and scattered heavier precip will be enough of an issue.
  9. So the GFS is completely off it's rocker??? I had 1.5" of sleet after a half inch of snow and a tenth of freezing rain earlier, now we have the freezing mist with 28 degrees.
  10. Absolutely pouring sleet. 28 degrees
  11. Lol, my Cocorah's inner tube is filled up to 0.65" with snow sleet rain compact. Sleet/ZR mix here, can see the individual pellets dropping into the center tube.
  12. Medium size flakes 50/50 mixing with the sleet.
  13. Changed over to sleet now. GFS is pretty heavy with ZR.
  14. Snowing with all surfaces covered. About a half inch.