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  1. If my memory is correct, the areas well west of DC where yesterday's supercell formed had 30 to 40 knots of shear, locally the shear was lower.
  2. 83/65 with stiff southerly wind and partly cloudy skies in the Landmark area of Alexandria.
  3. Shreveport radar on GR2Analyst from just over 100 miles away is showing a clear CC drop at 13K feet from this tornado. WOW
  4. 91/72 few high clouds
  5. 86/70 hazy sunshine, few high clouds. According to GREarth and the SPC mesoanalysis the MLCAPE is increasing and should continue to do so through the afternoon.
  6. 85/67 full sunshine
  7. I know it is WELL west of us, but radar seems to indicate the storms in Ohio/KY/Indiana are turning right just a bit.
  8. NAM 3k is showing one or two strong cells making a pass through the DC Beltway between 6 and 11pm Saturday, large MLCape available.
  9. Oh boy, here we go again in Charles County. Rotation increasing on the storm in King George.
  10. Charleston WV (KRLX) radar is on steroids right now, the activity is not as strong as the colors on my GR2Analyst, I checked it from Jackson KY, Blacksburg VA, and Wilmington OH.
  11. I have seen significant severe weather here in central Charles County with storms coming due south to north, that is not normal to the rest of our region( I suppose) but I had significant tree damage from an event with that scenario. Tomorrow is eerie, but the ceiling is limited since the timing for the event is early afternoon at best.
  12. Did that sounding say zero CIN and 317 j/kg CAPE 0-3KM
  13. Darn, that just means I have to look south for my thunderstorm/tornado versus looking towards the west side of LaPlata/Quantico from the river. This whole set up for the next two days really has potential over populated areas.
  14. The Atlanta area could be ground zero for tomorrow afternoon and there is a good chance an area in that zone could possibly be upgraded to High Risk later, given the trajectories of the storms, that would allow for DC and south to be in path for the storms that form in the "bullseye" area tomorrow whatever may be the crosshairs for the Thursday early morning events. I hate being in the LaPlata zone for an event such as this.
  15. The "just" issued day 2 outlook from SPC expanded the moderate risk westward and north, back into central Alabama and north to the TN border of AL/GA. maybe we get a larger event if this is depicting a slightly slower solution. This was a Significant expansion of the moderate risk over the SE Forum...