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  1. Western areas had significant severe weather and F4 in Frostburg and several F3's in Pennsylvania.
  2. GREarth is showing some areas of uber extreme southwest Charles County about 5 or so miles south of Nanjemoy with 14.5 to 15 inches of rain in the past 12 hours and an area about 5 or so miles wide surrounding it with 9-10 plus inches. That 3k NAM just missed by 25 miles south.
  3. Some serious rainfall totals are going to start building up in Charles, St. Mary's, King George, and Stafford counties. Southwestern Charles County with 3-4 inches in the past hour and still going.
  4. Since there are not many clouds out there, are the local radars picking up cicadas surrounding each of the radars?? LWX, TBWI, TDCA, TADW all have strong returns surrounding the sites.
  5. The heaviest rain missed just west and east of me this morning, but still managed 0.29".
  6. Several strips of rain, with some embedded heavier showers have formed. Nice having this kind of weather on May 30th. 55 degrees currently at 330pm.
  7. Partly cloudy here in Waldorf area as well, the boundary is nearby. Will we get severe storms tonight or heavier rain totals as the weekend progresses?
  8. Still most likely only going to involve southern MD and central VA but we already have CAPE up into southern MD and it is pooled up against the boundary in central VA
  9. Tornado warning St. Mary's county...the front is moving northward
  10. Surface winds in Staunton and Waynesboro VA have become southerly with clearing and temperatures rising.....a signal for the evening ahead of the low?
  11. Wow, no cicadas here at all in central Charles County and temperatures never fell below 70 last night. Quite a bit of diversity in our forum.
  12. 0.99" last night from the storm.