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  1. Winds just switched out of the SW here in Davis Park fire Island. Hopefully some clearing soon.
  2. Love North South Lake. Ive been up there in July and temps at night have been in the 40s Newmans Ledge,Artist Rock and especially North Point offer some of the best views in the Catskills.
  3. Not for nothing and maybe Im wrong but if you roll back hour 24 to the past several runs there is a definite trend NW. Not just on GFS but NAM as well.
  4. David H Tolleris You may be interested in knowing down here in ric it has been a total massive model failure ..we got 5 inches here...sleet arrived 7 hrs early. .. January 22 at 10:56pm David H Tolleris Even the fri 17z hrrr had Richmond getting 14".... January 22 at 10:57pm Paul Jeffrey Kocin Dave, your sleet is New Yorks snow 4 · January 22 at 11:16pm Matt Margerum Hahaha. That's great! Paul what are your thoughts for NE NJ? Essex County area. I am thinking 2 feet , maybe more.
  5. That was one fantastic storm! I will probably put that one down as one of the best. Btw that exchange between Kocin and DT was hysterical. Still cant stop laughing.....
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