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Mid-Atlantic winter 2020-21 snowfall contest

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It's time for the 6th annual Mid-Atlantic snowfall contest! Everyone is encouraged to play- including lurkers, new members and people outside the region!
You are forecasting the total snowfall for the entire season (NOT just Dec/Jan/Feb) for the four major airports: BWI, DCA, IAD and RIC. 

For the tiebreaker, you will choose one of the following two airports: Salisbury (SBY) or Lynchburg (LYH). Please choose only one- in the event of the tiebreaker, the difference at the airport you chose will be compared with the difference at the airport your opponent(s) chose. 

The winner will be the person who has the lowest combined absolute value departure for all four airports (this link explains the calculation in more detail, for anyone who needs clarification: https://www.americanwx.com/bb/topic/50428-mid-atlantic-winter-2017-18-snowfall-contest/?do=findComment&comment=4656575 ).

Please use the following format when posting your forecast:

Tiebreaker (SBY or LYH):

The deadline for entries is Monday, November 30 at 11:59pm. You are welcome to edit your forecast as many times as you want until the deadline. If there's any accumulating snow before the deadline, please include that in your forecast as well.

The winner gets an E-trophy made of snow and an induction into the Hall of Fame with the previous winners:

2015-16: @Shadowzone

2016-17: @Stormpc

2017-18: @olafminesaw

2018-19: @olafminesaw (tiebreaker win against @Stormpc)

2019-20: @Prestige Worldwide

Good luck everyone!

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6 hours ago, George BM said:

BWI: 50.2"
DCA: 36.7"
IAD: 51.1"
RIC: 27.2"

Tiebreaker (SBY): 28.8"

I admire your optimism. 


BWI: 10.4"

DCA: 6.8"

IAD: 13.6"

RIC: 5.4"


Tiebreaker (SBY): 4.2"

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BWI _ too far north to miss ... 27.5"

DCA _ too far east to miss ... 19.9"

IAD _ too far west to miss ... 26.8"

RIC _ too far south to miss ... 15.5"

SBY _ too far southeast to snow (10.5" not my tiebreaker)

LYH _ too far northwest to miss ... 30.1" (tiebreaker)

conclusion _ not too shabby middle of the pack winter ahead.


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