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  1. Wake up and enjoy the sleet!
  2. moderate sleet with flakes mixed in Towson
  3. light steady snow in Towson.
  4. It was my first year teaching in Baltimore County Schools. We missed so many days due to ice that that tacked on 30 minutes to each day for the last month of school. Also had to teach on Memorial Day. But the amount of ice was incredible! Loved it!!
  5. rain/snow mix in Towson. Sky getting that pinkish/orange look from snow reflecting city lights
  6. Radar looks decent to me. Seems to have filled in some in the past hour
  7. pellets, flakes, drops south of Towson. Getting to see frozen before sleep = win
  8. BWI: 26.4" DCA: 17.7" IAD: 32.2" RIC: 16.6" SBY: 11.1"
  9. HM Vs. Isotherm Who wins the stratospheric battle this year?
  10. BWI: 11/24 DCA: 12/6 IAD: 10/27 RIC: 12/6 Tie: 13.25"
  11. flurries in Kingsville
  12. Snow is thinking about sticking to sidewalks now in Towson. Already a win in my book. Pretty!
  13. Moderate snow with smallish flakes in Towson. Grass trying to whiten. Hurry up sun and set
  14. some wet slush plops falling with the rain in Towson
  15. snow shower currently in Towson.