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  1. BWI: 14" DCA: 6" IAD: 16" RIC: 4.5" SBY: 4"
  2. Covid 19 test? Absolutely beautiful night. Many stars shining bright. Not too cold. Minimal wind. Perfect.
  3. I'm putting all of my chips in on the late February to Early March period for our biggest snowfall. I have some ground to make up in the snowfall contest and this feels like a year for a fluke storm. We're Fluke Due!
  4. Back building radar over Baltimore. Keep it coming all day Even if it is just snow globe entertainment.
  5. A good bit of non-stickage snow. Finally getting mulch and car topper
  6. 41/31 radar shows rain but it is definitely light snow now.
  7. HRRR looking consistent over past couple of runs. Likes Baltimore, Harford and Cecil counties. (Please be correct, just this once!)
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