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  1. Saw the title and totally thought it was a real map at first! Too funny!!
  2. Trust me, he will have 5 more renditions of his map before game time. His final, last, map will be more in line with model output.
  3. 4.5 in Towson. Woke up a few times to see the progression from NO to WOAH to oh watch it go away. North Balti Zen might have done better at his old place with this one?
  4. Did Ellenwood post a snow map anywhere?
  5. So, we'll take half of the SREFs, and we'll know what our solution is for this storm . How much do the SREFs give us?
  6. Towson, MD 4:20 32/30 moderate snow now sticking to most surfaces (except for pavement)
  7. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=LWX-N0Q-0-6
  8. 3:55 All snow now. little dendrites. not accumulating very fast.
  9. Ellinwood, Taking another look at your snow map. I think you are going to be spot on! Thanks for sharing it here.
  10. 3:20 Towson 35.4/30.2 snow/sleet mix starting to whiten cartops, mulch, elevated surfaces
  11. Warnings have been extended North and East through Eastern Howard, Southern Baltimore CO., Southern Harford and Cecil County
  12. Don't know anything about the RAP model on Pivotal Weather, but it has increased Baltimore area by 1 inch for each of the past several hour runs. From 4 inches to 8 inches.
  13. Now rain, sleet and the occasional snow flake
  14. Towson Sleet with the occasional snow flake mixed in. Light precip at the moment. 38/32
  15. Yes, that seems reasonable to me. I am just below Towson and am not really expecting more than 2 inches based on latest model trends.
  16. Towson, MD 1:10 AM 39 degrees 2 flurries passing by flood lights
  17. Baltimore County Schools closed tomorrow! Yay!!!
  18. Agreed. Want to see more modeling with this precip axis to feel really good. Even if we cut those numbers in half, it is a huge win for most of this area.
  19. Now we're talking!! Just get the Parr's ridge death band in there and it's game on!
  20. Cape, sort of an IMBY question for those in Baltimore and north...Is there any synoptic mechanism that might either expand the heavier precip north or even bring the low pressure more north? If so, what would a novice map reader look for. Thanks.
  21. PSU playing it low today. Guess he expects to be "fringed". Or he is enjoying NYE already.
  22. Really nice pictures! Thanks for sharing. That last picture is fascinating. Is it a natural sculpture? Looks like an old man with a hat. BTW, you should have considered the "omicron" express for your trip home. I hear it is a lot less dangerous than "Delta".
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