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  1. I know it's the RGEM and all, but it has had a Baltimore Bulls-Eye for at least 4 runs in a row now. Did Baltimorewx bribe the Canadians? https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=rgem&region=neus&pkg=asnow&runtime=2021022118&fh=26
  2. Watch this lame threat become our biggest snow fall of the year....LOL
  3. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=rgem&region=neus&pkg=asnow&runtime=2021021912&fh=84 RGEM = Baltimore Bulls Eye!!
  4. Rule of Ji: "The model that gives the least snow always wins!" Looks like Euro want to win this time.
  5. https://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/prod_overview/local_gmt_conversion.shtml I still need to look at this chart. My memory is not good, so it helps to look at the chart when I forget.
  6. They need one of those graphics for days 1-2 to clear up confusion.
  7. 4 pm Temp on Monday, 2/15 DCA: 36 DFW: 15 DEN: 21 Low temperature for Tuesday, 2/16 DCA: 30 DFW: 15 DEN: 17
  8. moderate to heavy snow with medium size dendrites falling Roads caving!
  9. Son just reported that there are now "some big fluffy flakes"! I trust he was talking about the snow!! Towson
  10. Legit flakes now in Towson. Pixie dust getting replaced by dendrites!!
  11. Back from a run. Very light snow in Towson. Can barely feel it on your face....just a light tickle. Cars starting to look white, but no accumulation yet. Need the rates! Might be hard to sleep tonight!
  12. snow flurries in Towson (little styrofoam balls). Woohoo! Round 1 has begun
  13. I refuse to believe any of this snow is going to happen until usetobe chimes in!
  14. I wont get suckered in! I won't get suckered in! Oh Hell!! I'm in!!
  15. Really!! I want to hear the story behind that name!
  16. Right! and the Carolina's and Georgia have more than us! That ain't right!
  17. flurries again in Towson. Somebody made a bargain with snow miser to keep heat miser away in February! I like!
  18. Towson: My son and I took a "snow run" for the third night in a row. Not hard snow, just enough to make the run really fun. Despite minimal accumulations the last two days, it has been awesome to see snow falling nearly continuously. Now I need more!
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