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  1. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=rgem&region=neus&pkg=asnow&runtime=2021021912&fh=84 RGEM = Baltimore Bulls Eye!!
  2. Rule of Ji: "The model that gives the least snow always wins!" Looks like Euro want to win this time.
  3. https://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/prod_overview/local_gmt_conversion.shtml I still need to look at this chart. My memory is not good, so it helps to look at the chart when I forget.
  4. They need one of those graphics for days 1-2 to clear up confusion.
  5. 4 pm Temp on Monday, 2/15 DCA: 36 DFW: 15 DEN: 21 Low temperature for Tuesday, 2/16 DCA: 30 DFW: 15 DEN: 17
  6. moderate to heavy snow with medium size dendrites falling Roads caving!
  7. Son just reported that there are now "some big fluffy flakes"! I trust he was talking about the snow!! Towson
  8. Legit flakes now in Towson. Pixie dust getting replaced by dendrites!!
  9. Back from a run. Very light snow in Towson. Can barely feel it on your face....just a light tickle. Cars starting to look white, but no accumulation yet. Need the rates! Might be hard to sleep tonight!
  10. snow flurries in Towson (little styrofoam balls). Woohoo! Round 1 has begun
  11. I refuse to believe any of this snow is going to happen until usetobe chimes in!
  12. I wont get suckered in! I won't get suckered in! Oh Hell!! I'm in!!
  13. Really!! I want to hear the story behind that name!
  14. Right! and the Carolina's and Georgia have more than us! That ain't right!
  15. flurries again in Towson. Somebody made a bargain with snow miser to keep heat miser away in February! I like!
  16. Towson: My son and I took a "snow run" for the third night in a row. Not hard snow, just enough to make the run really fun. Despite minimal accumulations the last two days, it has been awesome to see snow falling nearly continuously. Now I need more!
  17. Towson: pixie with a few fluffs occasionally mixed in. Just took a snow drive! It was snowing hard in Fork and Glen Arm! Saw 3 accidents. Definitely slick in spots and people are not expecting it. Drive with care but not 10 MPH like some do.
  18. Not sure about main roads, but side roads are instant coverage. Coming down pretty good now, so I would think some main roads are covered, but they usually do a good job keeping 83 pretty clear. Drive safe! Hershey open now? Rides and everything?
  19. Over achiever incoming!! steady moderate snow in Towson
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