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  1. Warnings have been extended North and East through Eastern Howard, Southern Baltimore CO., Southern Harford and Cecil County
  2. Don't know anything about the RAP model on Pivotal Weather, but it has increased Baltimore area by 1 inch for each of the past several hour runs. From 4 inches to 8 inches.
  3. Now rain, sleet and the occasional snow flake
  4. Towson Sleet with the occasional snow flake mixed in. Light precip at the moment. 38/32
  5. Yes, that seems reasonable to me. I am just below Towson and am not really expecting more than 2 inches based on latest model trends.
  6. Towson, MD 1:10 AM 39 degrees 2 flurries passing by flood lights
  7. Baltimore County Schools closed tomorrow! Yay!!!
  8. Agreed. Want to see more modeling with this precip axis to feel really good. Even if we cut those numbers in half, it is a huge win for most of this area.
  9. Now we're talking!! Just get the Parr's ridge death band in there and it's game on!
  10. Cape, sort of an IMBY question for those in Baltimore and north...Is there any synoptic mechanism that might either expand the heavier precip north or even bring the low pressure more north? If so, what would a novice map reader look for. Thanks.
  11. PSU playing it low today. Guess he expects to be "fringed". Or he is enjoying NYE already.
  12. Really nice pictures! Thanks for sharing. That last picture is fascinating. Is it a natural sculpture? Looks like an old man with a hat. BTW, you should have considered the "omicron" express for your trip home. I hear it is a lot less dangerous than "Delta".
  13. Because a vision softly floating Left its white while I was sleeping
  14. Does it have to do with the initials JB?
  15. BWI: 32 DCA: 22 IAD: 40 RIC: 8 SBY: 8 Methodology = "We're due!" Sorry locals south and east will have too much mixing. Analog = 1996
  16. gopper

    Winter 2021-22

    IF there is any validity to this, wouldn't the pattern actually be a couple/few weeks later as models tend to change patterns too soon? That would bode well for December, IMO.
  17. Wow! Loudest thunder I have heard in a long time. Scared the cat right out of her nap! The wife and I heard a click when the lightning flashed, as if it sent a charge to our wires....Then BOOM! Startling!
  18. DCA: 12/1 IAD: 11/8 BWI: 11/10 RIC: 11/11 Tie Breaker: 0.58"
  19. I'm hoping to see some cicada recipes from you in the other thread!!
  20. wet snow globs mixing in with rain in Towson
  21. They thrive in older neighborhoods with lots of trees. I remember in 2004 going out at dusk, running my hand along the ivy under a maple tree and having an entire hand full with no effort at all. Love when they emerge out of the ground before molting!
  22. Now this is a thread I can sink my teeth into!! I actually think the brood of cicadas is one of the most amazing natural wonders in our area. I remember graduating from high school in 1987 with an outdoor graduation. The weather was beautiful, but people in the audience actually put umbrella's up thinking it would keep the cicadas away from their hair...umm...it did not work. The sound they were making was so loud you could barely hear the speakers. I graduated from a private school where we all wore white tuxedo's, not gown and cap, so the buggers were easy to spy on all of our white tuxes. I thought it was awesome! Will never forget my high school graduation, that's for sure! Then the next time they appeared, I had 2 young children. My wife and I decided we would enter the realm of trying to eat the bugs! Stir fried cicadas, cicada bread, and cicada cookies are a few of the things we tried. I remember convincing my 4 year old that they would be great to eat. She ate them and seemed to really enjoy them. My 2 year old would have nothing of it! She gave an angry face and spit them out. In all honesty, I found them to be bitter and not worth the effort of eating them. A little too earthy tasting for me, but now that I am 17 years older, and my taste buds are almost all dead, I may just have to try them again. Can't wait to see a deeper covering of bugs than many of our snow events this year
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