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  1. "READ MORE! POST LESS!!" A good adage to abide by here
  2. Thanks for these! I remember reading them at the time. Great storm!
  3. "volatile", "complicated" Aren't those adjectives that tend to not work out so well for Mid-atlantic area? Or is it more of the situation where if we keep getting lots of chances, one of them is bound to work out?
  4. Yes, mostly sleet now with I think some rain mixed in too. Roads are a mess!
  5. Steady moderate snow in Towson. Flake size not too big. Looks like it wants to continue for a while.
  6. I don't mind what I see on latest NAMs for Towson area....but of course I am looking at those silly snow maps.
  7. https://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/prod_overview/local_gmt_conversion.shtml I always need to look at this to figure out what time the maps are referring to.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but experience tells me that sometimes right where the transition line of snow/no snow is there is a relative burst of energy that creates higher snowfall amounts on the winning side of that battle. Could this be the case in today's scenario? Or will it be simply snow to ice for those in the battle zone?
  9. I appreciate your observations and insight during this event! You have been very positive/optimistic, yet reasonable and realistic about expectations. Keep it coming:)
  10. Genuine light snow now in Towson with instant stickage on all surfaces!
  11. With a little backside love for Baltimore area!
  12. First tiny snowflakes spotted just south of Towson! Woo-Hoo!! It's a win!!
  13. I'm riding the WRF all the way to the bank on this one! I think it is onto something
  14. BWI: 11/4 IAD: 10/25 DCA: 11/12 RIC: 11/10 TB: 87
  15. A quick look at radar around 6:00 last night seemed to suggest that one cell would miss Towson to the northwest and another would miss Towson to the southeast. Then, around 6:30 it started to pour buckets. Seems as if the two cells merged over the area then trained for some time. Have no idea how much rain, but my little back yard pond hole that I have been digging seemed 1/4 full of water (muddy mess today). We even had another round of storms sometime after midnight. Beautiful morning now with much lower humidity!!
  16. Wake up and enjoy the sleet!
  17. moderate sleet with flakes mixed in Towson
  18. It was my first year teaching in Baltimore County Schools. We missed so many days due to ice that that tacked on 30 minutes to each day for the last month of school. Also had to teach on Memorial Day. But the amount of ice was incredible! Loved it!!
  19. rain/snow mix in Towson. Sky getting that pinkish/orange look from snow reflecting city lights
  20. Radar looks decent to me. Seems to have filled in some in the past hour
  21. pellets, flakes, drops south of Towson. Getting to see frozen before sleep = win
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