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  1. cae, excellent post analysis. You obviously put a good deal of time into collecting all of the map comparisons! Always interesting to see which models are picking up on certain aspects of a storm. Thank You!
  2. So far, this prediction has been spot on! Lots of west tracks and lake cutters. Still hoping that we can turn things around for the last part of winter!
  3. Would hate it if that ever happened.....You retiring from tracking weather, that is.
  4. showmethesnow, Thank you for your always insightful posts! You have a natural way of explaining things in terms that the novice can understand and you show picures with your explanation that makes it even more helpful! You also intertwine positivity with reality very well! Keep up the great work!! Can you explain why the operational GFS is not currently picking up on any snowy scenarios out towards Christmas? Is this just the case of one operational run won't show the big picture and we need to focus on the ensembles at this point?
  5. Thank you for the explanation. How large can Soft Hail get? I know the little styrofoam-like graupel pellets, but can soft hail get large like regular hail?
  6. Okay, here is my "real" guess. Thinking we will see several events like today....mixy with more north and west. Also low balling SBY because they got their fill of snow last year. Would love to go super big with all of the good signs this year so far, but am fearful of the fact that even when the stars align, it can be hard to get snow around here. Hope reality is much higher than my predictions. BWI: 28.8" DCA: 17.7" IAD: 33.3" RIC: 15.5" SBY: 9.9"
  7. waiting for the right moment Still reading the tea leaves.
  8. BWI: 0.0" DCA: 0.0" IAD: 0.0" RIC: 0.0" Tiebreaker: SBY: 0.0"
  9. DCA: 12/5 BWI: 11/22 IAD: 11/12 RIC: 11/27 TB: 4.00
  10. Call me Roger Smith or Joe Bastardi, but I have this funny feeling that all of us might just reach or exceed climo snow in the next week. If we get a decent snow from Saturday followed by an Archibald event on Tuesday we will have lived through the most epic April snow period perhaps ever. Okay, my wife just woke me up.....sloppy inch on Saturday and rain all next week.....Reality sets back in
  11. Steady snow in Towson. Ground is white. a bit of stickage on cement in spots
  12. Years ago I used to wonder what the heck is Ji's issue. Then, I learned to realize that he is simply a foil or that little devil guy on your shoulder that always tells you what you don't want to hear. I have learned to fully appreciated Ji and almost to value you his input as it makes me laugh now rather than get perturbed. That being said, there can be and is only one Ji. When we have a boatload of mini-Ji's the ship sinks!! Allow Ji to be Ji!! Like or dislike as you so desire.....Put him on ignore if you choose....But don't try to become Ji! Too many Ji's spoil the pot!!
  13. Let's not forget the 48 hour period somewhere around day 7-8 where models suddenly decide to pull the rug from under our feet and say, "You can forget your return to cold, winter pattern... We are going straight into summer!" Only to go back to the original idea of a sweet winter pattern 48 hours later. There will be much crying and gnashing of teeth for those 48 hours.
  14. BLIZZARD (Haiku) Snow bursts from the clouds Thunder and Lightning abound PDIII is here!
  15. Just tried take the trash out, but changed my mind. Driveway and sidewalks extremely slippery. I foresee a two hour delay for Baltimore County Schools tomorrow. Towson, MD
  16. As a "Post less, Read more" participant of this forum, I want to give my sincere appreciation to those who have the knowledge and the ability to share insight in a manner that is understandable and fruitful to others reading. As a teacher, I appreciate those who make complicated atmospheric maps and concepts easier to understand. Posters like @showmethesnow, @Bob Chill, @psuhoffman, @mitchnick, @usedtobe and many other red taggers and hobbiest are the reason I find much pleasure in this weird hobby. The fact that meteorology is an inexact science keeps me intrigued much like an old man playing slots for hours at a time. So, thank you to all of those people who make this hobby so much fun. Oh, and a special thank you to Mr. Cold Meiser who is seemingly beating his brother up so far this year in the Mid-Atlantic.
  17. BWI: 17 DCA: 13 IAD: 21 RIC: 11 Tiebreaker SBY: 9
  18. DCA: 12/16 BWI: 12/8 IAD: 11/26 RIC: 12/16 TB: 4
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