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  1. Towson: pixie with a few fluffs occasionally mixed in. Just took a snow drive! It was snowing hard in Fork and Glen Arm! Saw 3 accidents. Definitely slick in spots and people are not expecting it. Drive with care but not 10 MPH like some do.
  2. Not sure about main roads, but side roads are instant coverage. Coming down pretty good now, so I would think some main roads are covered, but they usually do a good job keeping 83 pretty clear. Drive safe! Hershey open now? Rides and everything?
  3. Over achiever incoming!! steady moderate snow in Towson
  4. PSU's Proff.: "WAA waits for no man." 2 hour early start = over performer! light snow in Towson. Instant stickage. NICE
  5. First flakes in Towson! 28 degrees I am going to pretend that we are just supposed to get a dusting...Then, I can be pleasantly surprised when it over performs
  6. Is this what the HRRR did as well? And to a lesser degree the GFS?
  7. Seems reasonable to me! Hoping for more, but I think your map makes sense at the moment.
  8. Which one of those do we want? I'm guessing most of those in the bulls eye will work if the storm develops correctly.....
  9. RE: T...R...E...N...D.... OK, Let's keep pushing this thing south some (on American models)! Come on PSU, get nervous again!
  10. Probably not, but it is on the table. Wish we could see 2 feet from VA to PA, but some will be blessed and some will lose. Hoping Baltimore is blessed!! I do fear this thing ends up north and we get missed from the backside.
  11. Are we still afraid this thing is going to miss south?
  12. If Ian shows up, the the whole family will be back!
  13. Showmethesnow posts in the Central PA forum sometimes. So, he must be well! Would love if he popped in here from time to time.
  14. 2 minutes ago, osfan24 said: This looks beautiful. I'm assuming the only reason we aren't being blued/yellowed is because it's an ensemble run? That's my main issue. Our big storms, the deform and even WAA snows show 1-2 inches an hour, sometimes even higher. This shows like a quarter inch to a half inch an hour. History also shows that these type storm tend to juice up more as we get closer assuming the low forms in the right place.
  15. That will come tomorrow night. It think it has another 24 hours before it gives us the crushing blow again....of course it will be centered more over MD this time "Never want to be in the bulls-eye too far out"
  16. Very light snow in Towson. Enjoyed my run in it!
  17. snow birds, sleet birds and freezing rain birds?
  18. My childhood wouldn't be the same without '79 & '83. Probably the reason I'm on this forum right now.
  19. I can't wait to get this threat to the other thread! We need something to track in the short range!!
  20. Mitchnick approves of this! He was always in favor of the "reshuffle" if I remember correctly. It does seem that we get snow more when things are not "just right". Maybe something will pop up in the short range and surprise us!
  21. But this is practically the end of January! I sure hope the pattern does not break down fast!
  22. "READ MORE! POST LESS!!" A good adage to abide by here
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