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  1. Looking at Weather Underground temps. The 32 line is up in Harrisburg. Not sure that will have enough push down here with precip still around. Maybe MD line, but not Towson area. We'll see.
  2. a bit late to close schools, but I foresee the infamous "Hereford Zone" closing.
  3. I don't have the memory for storms that others do here. But I am sure there have been some storms where the strength of the storm has actually lowered the temperatures enough to create snow. It may be more of a function of the system pulling in colder air from the north? We'll need someone with more working knowledge to explain the concept of a storm creating its own cold air.
  4. I hope you are correct about later Feb and March. I for one will take any winter weather Mother Nature wants to give no matter what it looks like. Love ice events as much as snow for it's unique beauty. But alas, the Phin curse lives on for this storm. Hopefully not a long wait for our next system, but there are never promises, only hopes when it comes to winter weather in our parts.
  5. I know models are printing out a good deal of freezing rain for northern MD, but wouldn't this be more of a rain to sleet situation with limited freezing rain mixed in?
  6. Legit snow now. Almost moderate. Real flakes...not fairy dust anymore. wind picking up. If I get 2 inches in Towson, it will be a WIN.
  7. Hours of light pixie dust in Towson has now become heavier pixie dust. Almost real dendrites now as we are under a bit of a heavier patch now. Don't care how much we get. It is always a beautiful gift to see snow falling. May the snow gods be nice to all tonight.
  8. Wouldn't a 986 low in that position off NC coast throw more precip to the west than what it is showing?
  9. Honestly, give DD some latitude. He really is not doing such a bad job with PBP. Nothing is wrong with his posts. We are all intelligent enough to take what we can from everyone's post. If you think his posts are out of line, simply fly over them and stick with StormTracker. Both have been giving good PBP IMO.
  10. Just looking at that! It looks very much like the storm we just had this weekend, with maybe more snow for I95. Takes a similar wonky path in land then goes over Philli and NE.
  11. Saw the title and totally thought it was a real map at first! Too funny!!
  12. Trust me, he will have 5 more renditions of his map before game time. His final, last, map will be more in line with model output.
  13. 4.5 in Towson. Woke up a few times to see the progression from NO to WOAH to oh watch it go away. North Balti Zen might have done better at his old place with this one?
  14. Did Ellenwood post a snow map anywhere?
  15. So, we'll take half of the SREFs, and we'll know what our solution is for this storm . How much do the SREFs give us?
  16. Towson, MD 4:20 32/30 moderate snow now sticking to most surfaces (except for pavement)
  17. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=LWX-N0Q-0-6
  18. 3:55 All snow now. little dendrites. not accumulating very fast.
  19. Ellinwood, Taking another look at your snow map. I think you are going to be spot on! Thanks for sharing it here.
  20. 3:20 Towson 35.4/30.2 snow/sleet mix starting to whiten cartops, mulch, elevated surfaces
  21. Warnings have been extended North and East through Eastern Howard, Southern Baltimore CO., Southern Harford and Cecil County
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