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  1. About 1.25 just west of Lynchburg. Crappy ratio..7 to 1 maybe but roads are coveres. Sleet in Roanoke off and on. Hopefully we hold out a few hours.
  2. I think it has moved around. It was very suppressed then surged north on the euro. She's having trouble from the foul line this yeat
  3. I think all coastal lows have always been too far south per modeling. I 've been tracking model data since 1999.. always too suppressed.
  4. Vets day storm was 1987. I'm not sure what you mean by no longer suppressed. I'm a philly native who lives in SW VA. We had 2 storms shunted to our south last year were we got 2-4 and south areas into NC got 6-10 inches.
  5. I remember on TWC there was no saved user names.. people could just use your name . Made for crazy times. Hotmail on Wwbb.. haha.
  6. If the euro solution verifies, I agree it trends colder.
  7. Have about that here, and yes.. I have over 4.5, maybe 5 now and it's .28 liquid
  8. We got crushed while I crashed.. 4.5 current total. Great ratio stuff
  9. Have some flurries down here in Lynchburg. Started about a half hour ago. Nice event where even the first flakes lay.
  10. At 96 low is WAY south, like near Pensacola but it warmed crazy still..
  11. I'm up too.. Even if half the GGEM is right and my area sees 6 inches of snow and then .5 of ZR, would be pretty bad around here.
  12. Nasty ice down my way. and a little more snow front side. Seems to be a strung out low then consolidates, but doesn't aide CAD at all.