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December 22nd - 23rd Cutter Discussion and Observations


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37/37/W6 RN+ That wind reading is from about 100 feet further up the hill, at my house only the tops of the trees are moving at all. I'm at 1.8" since yesterday afternoon. If the temp really crashes when the front gets here it's gonna get sketchy in a big hurry, the puddles are deep and water is running down the hills and streets now like it does during any heavy rain here. 

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Squall line was short lived in Riverhead, sun’s back out again out with very tiny hail still falling. Temp is 48. Winds picking up again after a lull.

I was in Costco and the rain/hail was so loud you could hear it inside despite all the commotion.

This is my 3rd time seeing hail this year, after not having seen any ever before this year.

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