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  1. I saw the same thing crossing over from Elizabeth to northern Staten Island.
  2. Saw some low clouds just north of Tremley Point in Linden. Originally looked like a scud, but kept lowering and looking more cylindrical, until it reached that high area in western Staten Island.
  3. Dark Star

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    3.5" in Linden. Some may have melted as the temperature is 33 degrees F.
  4. Still waiting to get pummeled. Underperformed in my area every storm this winter.
  5. ...Union County... Roselle 11.8 457 AM 3/22 Trained Spotter Roselle Park 8.2 1030 PM 3/21 Public Newark Airport 7.9 100 AM 3/22 FAA Observer Cranford 6.1 1045 PM 3/21 Trained Spotter Union 5.5 1130 PM 3/21 Public If refrigerated snow boards are legal, I still would have a tough time believing the Roselle measurement. However, it was taken by a trained spotter, so it must be legit.
  6. A Whopping 5.0" in Garwood NJ and about 6.5" in the Tremley Pt. section of Linden NJ.
  7. 4.2" here in Garwood, NJ, central Union County. Must be some sort of snow hole here, as I see greater amounts to our west, east, south and north.
  8. Stick a fork in it in Union county NJ. Strange how south of here and north of here got 3" or more, and we get a trace.
  9. Observation: Coastal radar echoes now merging with inland radar echoes right along outer banks. Northern energy now in Ohio. Water vapor imagery shows trough beginning to rotate, bending NW to SE. Can the northern energy merge with the southern system fast enough?
  10. Dark Star

    March 7th 2018 Coastal Storm Observations

    I lost a fence Friday too. Then we lost power for 16 hours yesterday from 7 inches of snow. Trees and branches down everywhere.
  11. Dark Star

    Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    2.75" Snow here in beautiful Garwood, central Union County NJ
  12. However the two week forecast is warmer than normal, not leaving much time left. Of course that could change...
  13. Dark Star

    Tsunami Warning for New York, New York??

    I also remember that programming. Hard to say how much was hype and how much was fact. Also difficult to predict the intensity of a tsunami along the coastal US Atlantic, since the continental shelf extends out pretty far, as opposed to the Pacific Coast, including Hawaii.
  14. I thought for sure we would get something here in Union County, but I was wrong (again).