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  1. Weren’t the long medium range models showing snow threats next week? Now 60s? What a joke these models are.
  2. I meant climo in terms of how it was distributed, NW to SE differences if that makes sense? Not saying everyone got anywhere near climo amount of snow.
  3. It makes sense because most of the snow in the interior came in December and March. If the March and December patterns had been January and February it might have been less pathetic…
  4. This winter was about as climo as you can get. Bad for most south of I90 but horrifically bad I95 and SE. The I84 corridor def cashed in big time in March and looks like got close to average.
  5. Yes then it would just be hammers all zones. Unfortunately haven’t had one of those that I can remember in a while.
  6. Depends where. There were some lower elevations east side of Hudson River that got like a foot I think.
  7. Yea I’m basing it on actual observation. I live on border of Bronx/Westchester and drove between here and I287 there was nothing. I’m sure it’s possible somewhere got a trace but definitely not a few inches.
  8. Not to nitpick but questioning some of these numbers. Did Queens actually see 0.1? I haven’t heard anyone in the city say anything accumulated. Also the Bronx and lower Westchester absolutely did not get 1-2 inches.
  9. It started? It’s been pretty boring since February 2022 (referring to NYC and coast).
  10. Maybe that can be zone 1 as a starting point?
  11. Exactly this would actually be so helpful.
  12. I acknowledge could have broken it down way more in depth than I did but then we’d have like 10+ different micro climates. I mean literally there’s a bit of a climo shift everytime you go about 5-10 miles further from the ocean and/or a few hundred feet higher in elevation.
  13. Yea I’d assume similar to other places along 287 corridor. I’d probably lump in it with the 4th zone on my list.
  14. Honestly less familiar with that area but I’d assume similar to western Bergen? Depends also if it has elevation?
  15. Also in a marginal event Westchester will usually be snowier than LI. This last storm was an exception at least for southern part of the county.
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