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  1. nudge it a little west, but not too far. I don't want to be in the complete pummel with snow zone, maybe a foot would be neat, but my enthusiasm wanes soon after that.
  2. It will be interesting to follow developments over the next seven days. Meanwhile, our low here in Sparta was -5, the coldest I've seen since moving here a year a half ago. I'm content with the current snow/ice pack for now (~3-4 inches), given how cold it's been.
  3. Looks like a high of 36 will do it here - close but enough to avert a zr disaster. Went from heavy snow to heavy sleet to heavy rain overnight with gusty winds. Now light rain is falling. The refreeze on this one is going to be epic, with the ground is frozen solid the water is ponding all around on top of the snow, where we walk the dog, etc.
  4. That cold air appears pretty stubborn up here in the northwestern part of the state. We've actually dropped back to 20.5 from 23 earlier (probably evap cooling). We've got a ways to travel if it's going to be 40 up here by morning. It's currently snowing moderately with about 1.5 inches of new snow.
  5. That's what worries me. If the time above freezing is of shorter duration, and/or it never makes it beyond the mid-30s due to all this very cold air right at the surface, that can turn into a huge mess. Give me all snow or all rain, ice sucks.
  6. Can we speak to any ice potential in NW NJ and surrounding areas up this way? My high is only supposed to reach 40 tomorrow morning, so any wobble in the track or entrapment of cold air could be hugely problematic, as I sit here recalling December 2019. It didn't impact a large area, but was crippling for those that it did, as ice accumulations were well beyond that which was forecasted.
  7. Low of -2 in Sparta, Sussex County this morning. It seems there are a lot of moving parts to this storm. Is there any thinking that the excessive cold air currently in place contributes to a more prolonged period of freezing rain/ice for my area? TWC shows my high at only 40 tomorrow morning before starting to come down again. That doesn't leave a ton of room for margin of error any where up this way, particularly in places where cold air can get trapped for a while.
  8. 2 in Sparta with a refreshing breeze. Those dewpoints are way down there this morning. We have the humidifier cranked way up. Having eczema is no fun on these kinds of days.
  9. Good radiational cooling tonight. I'm down to 5 up here in Sparta with no wind.
  10. Tragic situation in the south. I wonder if warnings weren't issued quick enough or if people just weren't paying attention for severe weather given that it's December. It looks like a big factory collapsed. Where would factory workers go in a tornado emergency, especially if there is no basements in the place?
  11. Rain gauges in NW NJ anywhere from high 2s to over 5. This needs to get out of here soon or parts of our state are going to be out of commission for weeks.
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