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  1. delivering the goods here right now. Just saw a branch come down in the courtyard of my apartment complex.
  2. lol, 0Z GFS has the first major snowstorm of the season for the northeast from a hurricane going extratropical in 2 weeks.
  3. I was in the shower for the 2011 earthquake and remember feeling the tub sway a little.
  4. you are correct. I glanced fast at Tropical Tidbits, saw the IR image, and thought I read Tropical Depression Omar based off the advisory. It's a minimal storm.
  5. That's Laura. Models have been switching back and forth between her and Marco/TD14.
  6. Yeah, I got the top end of the cell and it had a lot of lightning
  7. Just had a nice storm move through. Plenty of thunder and lightning
  8. Looks like a storm popped up over the north shore of Staten Island. Very cloudy with a breeze by me on the south shore.
  9. Would be the second straight I storm from this cycle of names to be 1 and done. Isaias replaced Ike which was retired in 2008. They never got to the I storm in 2014, so this is its first iteration. Ike replaced Isidore after 2002.
  10. Just got power back after 7 or 8 hours being out. Wind gusts were definitely stronger for Sandy. I had an 85 MPH gust then. Topped out at 57 today.
  11. It's the replacement name for Ike retired in 2008. They didn't even get to the I storm in 2014, so this is it's debut.