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  1. Way out to sea. Not a drop of precip west of Islip, light rain showers for the rest of the island.
  2. 5 years ago today Euro said we were getting 3 feet of snow in the city. Upton put out a 24-36 inch snow map for the 5 Boros.
  3. I started delivering mail summer of 2013 (orientation was during that July heat wave). My first 2 winters (13-14, 14-15) working outside were snowy and brutally cold. I took notice. Then my third winter featured the massive blizzard which I drove to work in and then drove home after being at work for 2 hours. This decade hasn't been that bad
  4. light snow picking up again here. Arden Heights, Staten island
  5. been snowing steadily for 15 minutes here on the south shore of Staten Island. Everything already covered
  6. My shorts threshold carrying the mail is 60 degrees. Wore shorts on Christmas Eve 2015. My favorite Christmas rush season weather wise in my postal career.
  7. had a snow shower early in the am around 730/8 AM
  8. flakes here as well. 5th straight day of snow falling from the sky.
  9. Some light flurries here as I do my early morning parcel run. Thank you to everyone who shopped Cyber Monday.
  10. and just like that 15 minutes later it's starting to stick everywhere. Doesn't help that I'm 3 miles from the weatherpruf snowhole as the crow flies.
  11. I'm in Arden Heights, cars and grass covered, but sidewalks and streets still bare.
  12. still rain here on Staten Island while watching it accumulate on tv at Metlife Stadium.
  13. Lets see what Ukie and Euro say. A NAM/Ukie/Euro combo is usually deadly.
  14. Pop up downpour out of nowhere for me on Staten Island. More like the day before July 4th rather than the day before Thanksgiving.
  15. Yep. I heard sleet too around 7:45 when I was parking the mail truck by the Outerbridge.