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  1. Round 2 of rain moving through now.
  2. absolutely pouring buckets of rain here right now.
  3. a few rumbles of thunder and now an absolute deluge.
  4. Hearing thunder here. Looks like its from a cell that is popping up over Elizabeth.
  5. flurries here on Staten Island
  6. Accumulating on the streets and sidewalks here, total rippage. Visibility was below 1/4 mile when I was driving on the Korean 20 minutes ago
  7. finishing up delivery and it was very icy on the shoveled sidewalks.
  8. checked the soundings, that rain that shows on pivotal is actually snow, so don't freak out.
  9. measured in a few spots and came up with 13 inches as my current total after the sleetfest. It's back to all snow now.