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  1. Approaching 3 inches with more rain coming
  2. Not a fun week to be working outside
  3. I would bet good money on the Mets moving opening day to Friday instead of Thursday
  4. 9 inches OTG unofficially in the southern part of Staten Island
  5. All of the green spots on the grass have turned back to white here
  6. my mail truck gonna be skidding all over the place once I finally go out to deliver
  7. Won’t it already be puking snow before daybreak which would help get a layer in before your sun angles come in to effect?
  8. I’m holding off on buying tickets to the Rangers game at MetLife next Sunday because they won’t play if it’s a blizzard or if there are p-type issues
  9. Euro a hit too for next tuesday
  10. The Rangers are playing outdoors on Presidents Day weekend. It won’t get above single digits.
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