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  1. Absolute deluge on my route right now. I'm just sitting in the mail truck waiting for it to let up
  2. pop up shower by me. Nice little downpour in the Arden Heights section of Staten Island.
  3. I saw a few cloud to ground strikes on the south shore of Staten Island. My house is on a hill facing west towards the Outerbridge.
  4. SI Mailman

    May 28th-30th Severe Potential

    I'm down by the Atrium and saw some hail as well.
  5. SI Mailman

    4/19 - 4/20 Long-Duration Heavy Rain and Wind Event

    Small little popup shower by the Outerbridge.
  6. about 1.75 inches here on Staten Island on the colder surfaces. Sidewalks barely covered.
  7. NYC Schools closed tomorrow
  8. looks like white rain here on Staten Island.
  9. SI Mailman

    OBS thread Feb 20-21, 2019

    35 with moderate rain South Shore of Staten Island
  10. SI Mailman

    OBS thread Feb 20-21, 2019

    light flakes have started here a few minutes ago on the south shore of Staten Island
  11. Didn't we get over 30 hours of snow in '96?
  12. SI Mailman

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    As someone who works outside, I'm fine with backloaded winters. If it has to snow, let it be February or March when I have longer daylight hours to work in. An 8 inch December Pre-Christmas event would be a disaster for us delivery people in the online shopping era.
  13. Wind picked up a little before the line came through
  14. Keeping an eye on that line. Don't want to be in the middle of a block when it hits
  15. Just had a loud rumble of thunder here.