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  1. had a stray shower earlier, so that would make 6 straight days with precip.
  2. 2.14 inches and counting from this storm
  3. I wish I could be inside today
  4. Delivering in the snow today was much better than delivering in the drizzle yesterday
  5. The story of Cyclone Freddy in the Indian Ocean has been impressive. We are entering Week 5 of this record breaking storm. Formed Feb 6 off the coast of Indonesia, crossed the entire Indian Ocean, hit Madagascar and then Mozambique, then moved back over the water between Madagascar and Mozambique and going to hit Mozambique a second time this weekend. https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/2023-03-06-tropical-cyclone-freddy-mozambique-madagascar-record
  6. Snowing pretty good here on Staten Island. More impressive than last week. Good coating on the grass and cars
  7. Euro with a HECS for the entire subforum.
  8. Thunder and lightning here
  9. Lightning strikes on January 12th
  10. Working in short sleeves on December 30th. I’ll take it
  11. Remember Christmas Eve 2015 when we torched? I'll be wearing about 8 extra layers than that day at work today.
  12. Definitely some ice mixed into the heavy burst I just had on Staten Island about 10 minutes ago
  13. As someone who will be outside a bulk of the time from 6 AM til about 5 PM, I know that I'll be dressing in layers and sweating my ass off in the morning and then freezing my ass off in the evening.
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