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  1. I mean, I'll take a 2010-11 analog, even if the snows shut down at the end of January like that season did. Give me a Boxing Day redux.
  2. I’ll take 50 and sunny the next 3 weeks while I deliver all your Christmas presents. I’m fine with mood flakes and an inch or two of snow after the 15th when all the cyber Monday stuff has long since been delivered. Let it rip and dump Boxing Day and beyond.
  3. Got an 82 MPH wind gust during Sandy, which is the only time my weather station recorded a gust that was hurricane force.
  4. 3.84 inches and counting for the storm total here on the south shore of Staten Island
  5. I just turned on the heat. Really should have taken my air conditioner the other night too
  6. .28 for the day so far. Storm total is 2.27 inches
  7. .9 and counting with a steady rain going. .89 yesterday, will easily pass the 2 inch mark from the Ian remnants
  8. Currently in Aruba, can report off and on tropical downpours and I’ve seen the occasional lightning. Light rain now with no wind, the party still goes on.
  9. 83 degrees with light rain showers from 98L down here in Aruba. I have a feeling I’ll see rain again from this system considering I’ll be back in NY in 48 hours
  10. I’m in Aruba until Saturday afternoon. Expecting some impacts down here from 98L tomorrow night
  11. To think I flew directly over DR 7 hours ago at 35,000 feet and it was a smooth ride. Was on an aisle seat so I didn’t exactly look out the window at the outer bands
  12. My dad saw them by Sandy Hook a few weeks ago
  13. Probably gonna push well into October for the first day I deliver the mail in long pants (forecast high below 65 degrees)
  14. Lots of thunder by me, but only .08 in the rain bucket
  15. 77 degrees here in Flushing, the sun is trying to break through the overcast skies
  16. Just got caught in the middle of a long block, I’m soaked.
  17. 97/75. Now excuse me while I chug a gallon of water and deliver 11 more blocks of mail out of my heat box mail truck
  18. To think I almost got a car wash. Rain has commenced here near the Staten Island Mall
  19. Radar looking mighty active right now
  20. Yes, that’s my neighborhood and where I’ve been delivering today. Lots of storm damage with downed branches
  21. .75 inches and counting so far
  22. Holy crap this cell means business. Wind action now just briefly knocked out my power
  23. Thunder, lightning and rain here on Staten Island right now.
  24. Yeah I’m feeling a little bit of the breeze out here right now, it’s a small relief. 93/75/105
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