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  1. Some loud thunder here. Glad I'm off today.
  2. Just under 3 inches needed in 29 days. Great shot at 3 straight months of 10+ inches of rain.
  3. My underwear is soaked and I'm wearing rain gear. Quite possibly the heaviest rain I've ever delivered in. Thankfully done. Once I make it home, I'll admire this one from my living room window.
  4. Has there ever been 3 consecutive months of 10+ inch rainfall? Or could tomorrow put us on a good path to history?
  5. I'm fine if the bulk of the rain falls between 0z and 12z, which looks like what the models are showing. I have no desire to work in an all day monsoon.
  6. More rain here on the south shore of Staten Island after the pounding we took last night.
  7. Still going here as well. I haven't gotten out of my car yet
  8. absolute epic storm here on Staten Island. Lots of thunder and lightning with torrential rains. Did 25 MPH on the Korean driving through it.
  9. Line popping up right now just southeast of Scranton/Wilkes-Barre
  10. Just got inside from work as the first few drops hit.
  11. I did the tour in '09 during a nasty coastal storm. It wasn't fun. I vowed to never do it again in the rain after that.
  12. Pop up downpours here right by the Outerbridge.
  13. The sun was out at the tail end of the storm by me a few hours ago. It was sunny and pouring at the same time.
  14. I'm currently 4 miles east of there and those are some menacing skies.
  15. Yeah, just saw a ctg lightning hit in the distance up towards the direction of Elizabeth.
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