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  1. awesome, my flight lands at Newark late Sunday around midnight. Here's hoping the GFS is wrong.
  2. That 96 we had 4 years ago was in October IIRC.
  3. Over an inch and a half of rain for the day
  4. Hearing the constant thunder to my south
  5. Wasn’t Franklin 2 weeks ago? One would have to assume the SSTs have recovered a little since then
  6. Getting pebble sized hail with this storm
  7. Looks like round 1 is down the Jersey Shore today
  8. 6Z GFS has Lee slamming right into Montauk as a Cat 2 at Hr 288.
  9. 12z GFS brings it within about a 100 miles of the Outer Banks before curving ots.
  10. Franklin about to jet ENE. The storms will be a few thousand miles apart by Friday.
  11. My buddy is down in Aruba on vacation and stuck inside all day from Franklin's rains.
  12. Gert probably should have been retired after the '93 version caused extensive fatalities and damage in Mexico and Central America https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Gert
  13. .8 this morning and it came down fast
  14. Severe line forming just west of Harrisburg
  15. One more batch of torrential rains here in Westfield
  16. I’m in Westfield tonight and it’s nonstop lightning and torrential rains. Kinda wish I was home for the core of this storm
  17. finished at 1.43 inches
  18. The wetter solution ended up happening here. 1.20 inches and counting
  19. Raining pretty hard here
  20. that cell just missed me to the north. Only .02 out of it here.
  21. Absolute deluge in Flushing right now watching the Mets game on tv
  22. I’ve been sitting in the mail truck the last half hour watching the non stop rain. Approaching an inch here already
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