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  1. Currently in Metuchen for round 2 watching from inside the restaurant
  2. I'm supposed to be at Wood Stack Pizza on Lake Ave in 50 minutes.
  3. 3 days in a row with a thunderstorm
  4. Up another 3 degrees 96/78 I’m a puddle of sweat
  5. 93/78 Working outdoors is fun
  6. I remember us having some serious upper 90's heat on these days in 2013 which also coincided with the MLB All Star festivities at CitiField.
  7. 74 and .3 inches in the bucket at my weather station. It’s 89 and sunny where I’m at in the big ballpark in Queens
  8. line of storms moving into Eastern PA...
  9. Confirmed, I’m at 1.3 from this cell
  10. 1.3 inches and counting
  11. Wind snapped those branches off the tree with that storm
  12. holy crap, theres a ton of wind damage here, my car almost got totaled as the tree 2 spots up from me decided to lose half of its branches.
  13. 42 mph gust that just took down tree branches outside
  14. Insane wind gusts here with the storm as it started.
  15. Made it to 96 here
  16. .85 inches and climbing from this cell .
  17. Yeah it’s pouring and thundering like crazy, wind blowing too
  18. Yeah just wrapping up after putting down a quick .4 inches
  19. Pop up downpour here over southern parts of Staten Island
  20. 65 and cloudy here in London right at the peak of the day, some of you guys would be happy with this weather, although it was 73 and sunny yesterday.
  21. Just had a quick 5 minute downpour and now the sun is back out
  22. Dense fog here right now
  23. I had about a tenth of an inch around 11:30 last night, so another weekend with precip.
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