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  1. Alternating between light and moderate snow in Wisconsin. Strange sight after last winter, it caught me off guard even though I knew it was going to snow.
  2. Not the slightest hint of Aurora borealis here. 68/39 split today. Nice for November.
  3. Getting breaks of sun at ISP, feels warm.
  4. 37 this morning. 67 this afternoon. Tropical plants still outdoors. No issues.
  5. 1.13” event total. Clearing out today was a nice surprise, first Saturday in ages where I saw the blue sky, even though the sun was setting.
  6. The sky looks rather ominous in Long Island City.
  7. 0.25”, waste of a Saturday.
  8. Tbh I don’t know how anyone remembers the dates of these storms, however I definitely remember “Nemo” happening as well as the naming controversy.
  9. Low of 41 here. Fake cold.
  10. 73 under smoky skies.
  11. Sun fighting to come out at times in Centereach. I’ve seen multiple accidents and it hasn’t rained in hours, like wtf, I hate days like this.
  12. 2.36” final total? Idk, every time I think it’s ending it starts raining again. I can’t take anymore blowing mist.
  13. 0.42”, more sideways blowing mist than rain today.
  14. 0.22” so far, falling sideways.
  15. Picked up about 1.50”, half of which came from slow moving tiny cells that popped up well after the main batch earlier.
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