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  1. I would’ve expected snow totals to be far greater just based on how it looked up there, those were some serious drifts. Also beginning to wish we’d switch over to the metric system (while retaining °F), I’m tired of having to make conversions between imperial and metric.
  2. Heaviest rains of the day just as the rain is moving out, closing in on 1.00”. Sky getting brighter despite the sun having set already.
  3. 51 right now but with the sunshine and calm winds it feels like it’s in the 60’s, I’m out here in a t-shirt.
  4. 21 this morning with tons of frost, colder than forecast. Yesterday’s low of 18 was the coldest temp so far this January, and 17 back in December is the lowest temp so far this winter. Only one sub-freezing high temp this winter. Our area’s flora would look radically different if this was the norm, even if our average temps remained the same as they are now.
  5. I still find myself expecting “the big one” to be right around the corner, but is it (almost) safe to say that the excessive snowfall pattern of the 2010’s has ran its course? Last winter was the first with BN snowfall in what felt like ages, and this winter isn’t shaping up to be any better.
  6. 2.5” final, 8.6” for the season, third measurable event. 40/39....0.44” of precip.
  7. That’s one of the weirdest radar returns I’ve seen for snow.
  8. Not for long, switched to rain here.
  9. Averaging 2.5” here, ranging from 2.0” to 2.9”. 33/32, snowing moderately.
  10. 33/33 and moderate to heavy snow.
  11. The LIE is a train wreck. Accident after accident, you’d think it was actually snowing for real. 29/27 with light snow.
  12. 29/19 Snow should be starting within the next couple of minutes.