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  1. I haven’t heard thunder in what feels like a month. It’s only rained (>0.01”) on 9 calendar days so far in July-August. Long Island is basically Aruba, with slightly cooler nights sometimes.
  2. 89 here as well, this makes #8. 12 days at/above 90. That number feels low given the plethora of 88/89 degree days as well as the heat index which passes 90 quite regularly.
  3. 84/78/95....DP managed to touch 80, albeit briefly.
  4. 0.59” overnight. Didn’t expect anything at all.
  5. 84/78/95....that didn’t take too long.
  6. Sky looking like it’s clearing out now. We’ll see how that goes. 79/76/84.
  7. Second sun shower of the day, third rainfall of the day. Only 0.07” to show for it. Edit: It’s literally raining to my right with nothing to my left. Half of my body is getting hit with more rain drops than the other half.
  8. Pouring here. We really needed this. Edit: And it’s over just as quickly as it started. Only received 0.05”.
  9. 81/76/87 with some breaks of sun now. Edit: 82/78/90 with a little sun shower.
  10. I should’ve said late winter / early spring.
  11. February always delivers, for better or worse.
  12. 59.7 was the low here, coolest since June 22nd (58.6). And it’s already 15 degrees warmer at 75 rn.
  13. Another near miss, lol. I’ve enough collected rainwater to last me into next week though.
  14. No rain but the dew point plunged from the lower 70’s to the low 60’s.