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  1. 84/76 here, heat index is 93 but it feels even hotter than that to me.
  2. 79/75 here, low was 74.... Low, thick clouds racing to the northeast.
  3. 76/71 here, sun feeling like it wants to come out at times, but ultimately doesn’t. Edit: Sun is out! Probably not for long though.
  4. My average high for July so far is 90, today should ruin that.
  5. Getting some thunder here now, storms to my NW. New lightning detector just got its first hit from a strike 11 miles away.
  6. 75/70 with overcast marine slop, 20 degree temp drop from the high of 95.
  7. Dew point spiked to 75 with the arrival of the sea breeze before settling back down at 70-71. Dews were in the 60’s prior to the sea breeze. 92/71 here, high of 95 so far.
  8. Finally lol. I hope it’s the first of many there. If ISP was located about a mile or two further north they’d likely have several 90’s by now.
  9. 92 here after a low of 72. ISP should have hit 90, it was at 89 an hour ago.
  10. It’s crazy how ISP hasn’t hit 90 yet, maybe tomorrow they will. Today was my 7th 90.
  11. Yeah I left that part out lol, I’m so accustomed to both gunshots and fireworks that I can tell which one is which. Subtle differences, but after a while you can hear it. Way less gunshots here in LI than in Queens though.
  12. Am I the only one that finds it soothing? I’m from Jamaica, Queens, anything too quiet feels suspicious lol. The humming of Air conditioners, Cicadas, fireworks and ice cream trucks = sounds of summer.