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  1. A few tenths shy of an inch here. Just created a plant bed yesterday, so this rain is a godsend, now we just need some more heat.
  2. Clear skies to the N/NE here in Brentwood, LI. Too little, too late.
  3. 94 in Selden, LI. Second day of mid 90's. Just finished walking 8 miles, my eyeballs feel salty.
  4. Only 3 days with thunderstorms so far for me this year: 03/28, 04/06, 04/29. I hope something delivers soon.
  5. This afternoon I got to witness the temp drop from 80 on Sunrise Highway to 65 on Ocean Parkway, which is about a 5 minute drive. The steepest drop occurred while crossing the Great South Bay, the temp plummeted from 75 to 68 within in a span of about 10-15 seconds. In the winter it's often the opposite, I've seen the temp drop from the lower 40's along the Atlantic to the upper 20's heading north into Long Island. Mid 20's to lower 10's, you name it. Pretty cool to observe.
  6. 72 here. If it weren't for the 80's earlier I'd be having a meltdown. Hopefully this'll be my last spring on the south shore lol.
  7. 70 in Farmingville, LI. Sunny right now but I see it clouding up to the west.
  8. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to fly my drone.
  9. Finished with 2.00" exactly. No bust here.
  10. 1.70" and counting. Currently 46°, which is actually the coolest temp since 4/19.
  11. I've seen curbs that are already inundated. And we've had less than 0.40" so far? Someone could spit in the street here and it'd flood for 40 days and 40 nights. I already have a couple of Mosquito bites.
  12. Heaviest rain I've experienced was that August 2014 event when I lived in Suffolk, I was near the bullseye. The rain was pretty loud, you could hardly hear much else, but it was soothing. But never did I expect it to amount to over a foot in 2-3 hours, it was surreal. Would've been the perfect time to have a digital rain gauge set up.
  13. Finished with 1.65" and a blown over palm tree, it's pretty heavy so it must've been very gusty.