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  1. Temp holding at 29 here for the past hour or so. I’d be shocked if the city gets anywhere near 5 degrees.
  2. 51° to 39° in 24 minutes.
  3. 51 degrees lol. The 2nd warmest day of the month followed by what may be the coldest night of the month.
  4. 50° with 1.55” of rain. It’s very difficult getting under 10° without snow cover, but we’ll see what happens tonight.
  5. We have THUNDER here. I hadn’t noticed the lightning on radar extending from Long Island to east of Atlantic City. 38 degrees with 1.03” of rain so far.
  6. 34 with 0.11” of rain. Very slippery outside.
  7. 32 and snowing north of Walt Whitman Mall, with nearly half an inch on the ground (eyeball estimate). 32 and raining south of Walt Whitman Mall, with puddles on the ground. Very abrupt switchover.
  8. 33 and heavy snow in Harlem.
  9. 34 and snow in Mt. Vernon. Accumulating on roads.
  10. 0.5” here. Grass still showing.
  11. Salt seems to have taken snow’s place this winter. Literal salt drifts on the sides of roads.
  12. Very cold today, it’s been nearly a year (361 days) since I had a high in the 20’s, it hasn’t happened since January 15th (2018). Today looks borderline, and may hit at least 30.
  13. I hope this phantom pattern change is a departure from this wet pattern that’s been in place for the entirety of 2018. Much of Long Island got a break during the summer, both June and July were drier than normal. Hot and super humid but dry and sunny, much like Aruba but slightly cooler. Everywhere else had to deal with excess rainfall all year it seems.