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  1. NYC - 17” EWR - 19” MMU - 29” ISP - 18” SWF - 32”
  2. Winds beginning to roar overhead at times south of ISP, I can hear it from indoors. Roof is also creaking. Nothing major (yet, maybe?), but also not meh here on the south shore. My drive home shall be interesting.
  3. Temp jumped from the 20’s up to 35 here. Windy now.
  4. I hope this doesn’t hug the south shore too much. Needs to move a few miles north.
  5. A snow squall on 12/24/13 dropped roughly 5” in Central Suffolk in about 40 minutes, a rate of 6-7” per hour. Unfortunately this is somewhat unofficial since ISP only recorded 1.7”, I was northeast of there. I’d never seen snow accumulate that rapidly.
  6. I’m just gonna pretend that I didn’t read the last couple of pages. Today felt colder than it actually was.
  7. 44 in Jamaica but 39 in Flushing. Still plain rain.
  8. Plain rain in Queens. Temp is 44.
  9. 32 here. Low of 30. First freeze.
  10. They’re not issuing anymore frost/freeze advisories outside of NYC, Hudson, and southern Nassau because the growing season “ended”, even though it largely didn’t for LI. My northern Suffolk basil bush is untouched and still blooming, the bees have been happy. No freeze yet, not even a hard frost.
  11. Hearing Christmas music with temps in the 70’s is so odd. Even if temps were “normal” it’s still much too early for it in my opinion. High of 71. Currently 61 which is the low so far. I hope there’s more of this in the pipeline.
  12. 0.66”. 71 here. DP peaked at 68 yesterday and overnight. Soil temp is currently 65, it’s been in the 60’s since September 26th, with an average of 63.5 since then. Should fall off a cliff by the end of next week.
  13. I got a similar email from Optimum.
  14. 70/33 split yesterday, borderline extreme by our standards. Currently 66. Low was 49 at 1 AM.
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