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  1. Wasn’t expecting another 90 today, this is my type of cool down. Yesterday’s 89 technically ended the heat wave at 8 days, but today’s day 10 in spirit. 0.04” earlier. Basically nothing.
  2. Topped out at 89. Which will likely hold as the high for today.
  3. 87, and rising, with intermittent cloud cover.
  4. 90/75 on my thermometer. Weather station DP is 79. Thankfully it only behaves like this when it’s Mumbai outside, although I wish it didn’t.
  5. KNYC deserves a brushfire.
  6. Cheap sensors and evapotranspiration.
  7. It normally runs about 3 degrees too high in high humidity, but the DP was elevated from the rain. Double whammy lol.
  8. 0.10”. Useless. Soil moisture went from 17% to 20%. 86/84/107. Heat Index never dropped out of the 100’s while it was raining.
  9. DP spiked to 86 lol. Let’s see how much rain falls.
  10. 95/80/115 98 will likely stand as the high for today.
  11. Sea breeze bringing rain drops.
  12. Today just has that 100° feeling to it, even if it isn’t attained the potential seems there. It’s very hot very early.
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