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  1. Bit of a lull here for the past couple of hours, light rain here with the heavy stuff to the east and west. Just over 3” has fallen so far, still some potential to make this the wettest calendar of the year (and in recent years).
  2. 69/43 split today. Didn’t expect to almost reach 70, nor did I expect to see low 40’s.
  3. Brutal for snow lovers?
  4. High of 62. Low was 48. 53 right now but it feels colder. Had a nice double rainbow a short while ago.
  5. 80 today. 82 yesterday. Fall has been very kind to us thus far.
  6. High of 69 today. Humid and mostly bright overcast. I generally hate backdoors but today wasn’t/isn’t terrible, still t-shirt weather.
  7. Low of 50 here. I don’t like this one bit.
  8. 2.71” here, which is far more than I was anticipating and this is possibly the wettest event this year for me. 6.78” for the month.
  9. 77/74 right now with a nice tropical breeze. High of 83, low of 73.
  10. 80/70 and sunny in Suffolk. Didn’t rain at all.
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