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  1. 47/24 here today. Still at 47, hours after sunset.
  2. You really radiate much more than me. Low of 32 here. I’m just south of the moraine, it’s flat from here all the way to the Atlantic (and to Florida), but it gets hilly immediately to the north of me.
  3. I just realized my weather radio never made a sound last night. Lol yikes. Might be time to get a new one. I didn’t see any damage this morning, other than a fallen tree. I think everything that could’ve fallen over already did during Isaias.
  4. Tornado Warning alert came through while the rotation was almost right on top of me, it went just to the north of me by maybe 1000 feet or so.
  5. It almost sounds like Isaias outside, not as constant yet, but this is up there for sure. Winds are easily more potent than Fay right now. 63 here, which is the high for the day.
  6. 31 here last night. Forecasts had us at 36-37.
  7. Can’t mention Dec 2015 without Feb 2015, having two extremely opposite cold/warm months occuring in the same year was insane.