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  1. Temp is creeping back through the 60’s now after having dropped into the 50’s. Currently 62/62.
  2. 67 here. Long Island is Long Islanding.
  3. I should change my username to WARmonger. 61 and alternating between cloudy and sunny.
  4. 59 with breaks of sunshine. Topped out at 61.
  5. 62 and alternating between clouds and sunshine. 0.84” this morning, wasn’t expecting to see more rain today, but we could use it.
  6. Very frequent lightning here, heavy rain just now starting.
  7. Yeah, even outside of the UHI some trees are beginning to leaf out. In Manhattan I see a few trees that are already fully leafed out.
  8. Feels 70+ in the city with sun.
  9. 0.97” for this event so far. We needed the rain.
  10. Infrequent thunder/lightning. I’m just south of the heavy rains, only 0.03”.
  11. BDCFs are easily my least favorite weather event we get around here. Today’s high so far is only 50, currently 48 though. Past 5 days here: 44, 70, 62, 71, 50
  12. I too have to wear long pants in the summer, but even still I find the cold more far more miserable to work in. Even with physical activity I can never get comfortable below 40 or so.
  13. Why do some get to wear shorts and others don’t?
  14. 71/61 with a heat index of 74, first heat index of the year.