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  1. Made it up to 89, cooled down a bit though.
  2. This is some of the densest fog I’ve ever seen.
  3. First proper downpour I’ve seen in about a month and a half. Only a little over a quarter of an inch at home though, heaviest rains split around that area again.
  4. With 3.08” so far this month and only 5 days left, this June is the driest month since last June (3.26”).
  5. Yup, car thermometer hit 90 briefly at the Queens/Nassau border. Slightly cooler now. Yeah, if it weren’t for the clouds much of the area would be flirting with 90 today. 85 here, down to 83. June hasn’t been able to outdo May’s 87 yet, hopefully this week it will.
  6. I’m thinking some of the typical hot spots might sneak in a 90 today. 88 in NW Nassau.
  7. Already 82 here, 5 degrees ahead of yesterday at this time.
  8. Looks like 85 will do it. Low was 60. Currently sitting in the shade with a nice breeze and low humidity, it feels euphoric. My tropical plants are really coming to life now. They’d prefer our typically higher humidity, but imo it can wait until July-Sept.
  9. I’m at 0.47” for the day, most falling during the early AM. I wouldn’t be shocked if Central Jersey was closer to Tampa Bay than it is to Long Island in terms of the number of thunderstorms/lightning strikes. It’s not even fair.
  10. Is that sun?????????? Omg.
  11. Typical strativective slop here. That “line” dropped a whopping 0.07”. I know thunderstorms were never in the plan for Long England, but I’d greatly prefer nothing over the sorry ass sky sweat that keeps falling. I’m just glad we’re finally returning to sunshine and 80’s soon.
  12. 72/72 and alternating between dim overcast and bright overcast.
  13. Made it up to 71 here, only 0.03” of precip. Mid 70’s in CT though.
  14. 0.64” here. 2.13” for the month so far. Suffolk turning drier than inland areas as we now rely on convective precipitation for the next several months.