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  1. 42 and snowing. Always feels odd when that happens, like it’s not even cold cold. Highest temp I’ve seen snow was 49-50F.
  2. Lol I’m fine as long as it quickly melts, but it was unexpected (for me), things didn’t look too promising last night.
  3. Right on the southern edge of that band, looks like it’ll mainly impact extreme western Suffolk and Nassau. Should get clipped for a few minutes though. Temp still 32, haven’t measured yet.
  4. Meh. Sparse coating, grass still quite visible. Temp is 32 but the ground must be warmer.
  5. My PWS (in West/Central Suffolk) is indicating liquid precipitation and a temp of 35. 35 as well here in Bridgeport and alternating between light and moderate snow.
  6. 35 with light snow in Bridgeport, nothing on the ground.
  7. 39 now here, 0.44” so far, very little of that was frozen.
  8. Light rain here in Hauppauge, temp is 34. Long Islanders and driving don’t mix well when it’s sunny, add a wintry mix and it’s a Russian car crash compilation video.
  9. First flakes of the day mixing in with sleet in Lake Grove (Suffolk), temp is 35. Coating of sleet in some areas.
  10. It changed back to back to rain, and then back to sleet.
  11. Abrupt change from rain to pure sleet in Jamaica. Temp is 33.
  12. 34 with a light rain and sleet mix in NE Nassau.
  13. Just caught a shooting star in Westchester, it’s a shame it was cloudy last night. Second one I’ve seen in two weeks, doesn’t sound like much but I’ve only seen maybe 4 or 5 in my entire life.