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  1. Cfa

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Arrived at home just after 2PM when the first flakes began falling. After my 7+ hour drive (to and from CT, only 50 miles away as the crow flies) in the rain last week I refused to partake in yet another commuting hell, I knew this was gonna happen.
  2. 4.3” final total, spot on with ISP. 33° with sleet now.
  3. 4 inches on the nose here. 32.2 degrees. My yard stick had spiders crawling all over it, reminded me that it’s November and not February.
  4. I know snow is interesting, but this cold is remarkable. My high for the day is only 34°, it hasn’t been this cold since February 3rd. Temp now below freezing, courtesy of the snow. Coming down quite heavy now.
  5. 33/24 with moderate snow beginning to fall just minutes ago.
  6. Moved here from Far Rockaway last December, night and day difference. Used to take Ocean Parkway to work, some mornings it’d be in the low 40’s from the Rockaways through Jones Beach and drop into the 20’s once I crossed over the GSB bridge, I’ve seen rain change to snow plenty of times. Also, the warmer summer temps are a plus imo, the sea breeze isn't a daily occurrence this far north. I’m far from a snow weenie, but it certainly *feels* like it wants to snow today. Just a hunch, I’ve no meteorological explanation to provide, but I think the fact that it’s snowing in DC right now is telling.
  7. Bottomed out at 29° here, very heavy frost this morning.
  8. This strange spike in snowfall amounts has been insane. As much as I loathe winter, it’s been interesting to observe such an abrupt climate shift. And I guess it’s only a matter of time before more 2011-12 style winters begin to occur with greater frequency, I wonder if it’ll be as abrupt as this uptick in snowfall has been.
  9. My low was 32.5° at around 2:30 AM, temp started slowly rising afterwards. And KFOK never ceases to amaze me. I’m surprised they didn’t issue at least a freeze watch.
  10. 37 here as well, first freeze highly likely tonight.
  11. That sounds cool. I’m not big on snow but random squalls such as those are always fun.