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  1. 49 here, sunshine and calm winds, it feels like spring.
  2. 1/16-17 Anafrontal/Coastal Low Snows Disco/Obs

    I don’t even know what’s falling right now. It’s like a weird rain/sleet/snow hybrid, hard to explain. It’s falling like snow, but they’re partially frozen little raindrops that don’t look anything like sleet, they’re wet crystal clear little beads. Edit: it just changed over to snow.
  3. 1/16-17 Anafrontal/Coastal Low Snows Disco/Obs

    36 here and holding steady. Humidity is creeping upwards.
  4. Wasn’t expecting sunshine and 40’s today. I’ll take it.
  5. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Everything after Bear Mountain is upstate imo. Maaaaaybe I-84, but idk, that area feels like upstate to me.
  6. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    I’ve begun to notice the later sunsets. Nearing 5PM now.
  7. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Lol I wish it really happened. That’s one weather event I’d love to experience. You’d think they’d be common on Long Island, considering we only ever get dying thunderstorms.
  8. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    In Europe, areas with a mean temperature at or below -3°C (26.6°F) are the areas that retain a snowpack. It’s not that cold here, outside of maybe higher elevations north and west of the city, the city itself has a mean temp of roughly 2°C for the winter. We’re also at a more southerly latitude than the vast majority of Europe, which means longer winter days and stronger sunshine. Mean temperatures colder than -3°C may actually be required to retain a real snowpack in eastern North America, for the aforementioned reasons. In Japan, locations with the same average temperatures as here receive significantly more snowfall than we do. Although their snow is drier than ours typically is, I’d imagine it’s enough retain a snowpack.
  9. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    My thermometer spiked to 132° overnight. One can dream.
  10. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Totally, I’ve no use for cold. AN with a few more small snowfall events would be ideal.
  11. 41° here, forecast was 39°. Lots of melting, thankfully. I hate old snow.
  12. My subfreezing streak ended 30 minutes ago. 13 days and 16 hours (exactly). 7:07 PM on 12/25/17 to 11:07 AM on 01/08/18. Insane. 32.5° now, and it feels relatively mild despite the cloud cover.
  13. Made it down to 1.5° here, temp starting to rise now, it’s already 2.9°. If the winds went calm an hour before they did, I likely would’ve gotten near/below zero. My thermometer falls just short of having a 100 degree range. Max of 100.6° and a min of 1.5° = a 99.1 degree range.