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  1. 0.86”. Roughly my total for the month of September. Add in the 1.91” that fell the other day and both rain events dropped over 3x as much rain as September’s monthly total.
  2. Just experienced a freak 32mph gust, which given my wx station’s shielded siting likely translates to greater than 50 mph. Nothing remotely close to that prior. Also the highest gust ever in the 1.5 years that I’ve had my station. 0.75” so far, rainfall rates have picked up in the last half hour or so.
  3. 0.35” so far here, nothing particularly heavy as of yet. Pressure at 998.7mb and falling steadily.
  4. Any chance this thing ends up with a name like Melissa did?
  5. 45 for the low here. Car thermometer picked up some low 40’s in the usual cold pockets.
  6. If today’s a bust at least it’s sunny, beats being gloomy with no rain to show for it. 62 here now.
  7. I 100% agree, it’s really a chore getting off and onto Long Island. I’m from Queens so I was already used to the annoyance of reaching the mainland but now it’s 2x worse, I never realized how horrible the LIE was prior to living here, those 40-50 extra miles can add 2+ hours to your travel time, it’s a nightmare. I don't see myself staying here. Traffic on I-95 in NJ/CT is child’s play compared to I-495. Adding insult to injury, William Floyd Pkwy and I-91 are almost perfectly aligned, it makes no sense why there isn’t a LI Sound crossing. The ferry is expensive, but I’ll take 1 hour on rough seas over sitting in traffic for 3-5 hours in the rain. There’s no way that ferry will be running later on today though, yesterday was bad enough.
  8. On the ferry back to LI and it’s rocking back and forth almost violently at times, just enough for things to fall off tables and make standing/walking difficult. My view out of the window is alternating between 100% ocean and 100% sky. It feels like I’m in the Bering Sea. Kind of scary.
  9. Wasn’t expecting to see the sun today, but it’s out. 72 now, low was 68.
  10. 44°F low here, already rising through the 50’s though.
  11. I was sitting at 91 and then the clouds came and dropped the temp to 87 and it just stayed there despite the rain/wind lol. It took like 10 minutes before it started falling. 77 now.