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  1. 84/71 (HI 88) with a nice breeze. I want to have this year round.
  2. Tier 1 is worth it in my opinion, I can’t justify Tier 2, we simply don’t get the quantity nor the quality of the storms seen in the Plains and the Midwest.
  3. Cfa

    summer banter thread

    Never noticed this correlation. And apparently they’re fireflies in Manhattan, I’m from Queens and they’ve always been lightning bugs.
  4. 0.25” here, monthly total now sits at 0.37”.
  5. Made it up to 86 here, average high gets dragged down from 88 to 87.
  6. Cfa

    summer banter thread

    I haven’t been able to come anywhere near 2 inches in a rain event since the 2014 flood. Only 5 (lackluster) thunderstorms so far this year, 6 if you include thundersnow.
  7. Flash Flood Watch for .11”
  8. Low of 77 here, which is one of the warmest I’ve experienced while living in Long Island. Countless 80+ degree lows in Queens however, one as high as 85. Dew Point has been above 70 since 6:30 AM on July 1st. 5 days and today should be the last day.
  9. 2nd day in a row with a high of 89.
  10. Cfa

    summer banter thread

    Does dew count as precipitation? I have a few dry days with 0.01” on the record from heavy dew, not sure whether to remove those totals or not.
  11. Only 1.44” in the last 30 days, with most of that falling in one event (1.11” on 6/21). Keeping with the trend of going from one extreme to the next. 89/75 today.
  12. 89 here. 72 degree dew point feeling relatively dry compared to the last few days.
  13. Yeah, I made it up to 88 before it got too cloudy, now I’m down to 85. Still steamy out regardless. If we’re able to get some breaks in these clouds we might do it.
  14. Forecast: 84 Currently: 85 (@ 9:40 AM) Heat wave day #6 incoming?