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  1. I haven't had a low temp below 70 since August 12th.
  2. 86 here, down from a high of 87.
  3. 0.15 overnight. Which is basically nothing. I've been seeing water trucks irrigating the plant installations along NY-347 in Suffolk every other morning, not nearly enough rain these past couple of summers to help establish the new plantings.
  4. Yeah I'm sick of the back loaded crap with winter persisting well into spring. By mid-late January I'm already over winter, so a mild Feb-Mar would be great.
  5. 87 here. Warmer than I was expecting, no complaints from me.
  6. I hope we can manage a Xmas Eve 2013 redux. Very unexpected, spur of the moment storm that dropped 5 inches in 30-40 minutes only a few hours before Xmas. That was my first white Xmas. I was on the LIE at the time, it went from nothing to heavy snow instantaneously, like we entered a haboob. I'd never seen snow pile up so quickly, felt like a scene from out west. Of the 6543578 major winter storms we've had in recent times, none have come close to those rates for me.
  7. I must've received the jackpot, 0.22 fell here.
  8. 0.34 here. Maybe a few more tenths of an inch before all is said and done, but this event was quite underwhelming.
  9. Yeah, it's not nearly the same feel as 2009. This summer has been cloudier than 2014 iirc, but a bit more humid with occasional shots of real heat (though short lived). It'll be interesting to see how long that streak lasts, hopefully not too long (for my sake lol).
  10. There hasn't been any long term cooler than normal air this summer either, it's been very average. Temps going forward look average to slightly below. Low to mid 80's with nights around 70 is hardly fall like. Sustained 90+ heat would be nice, but like 12"+ storms in the winter, it's simply a bonus and can't always be expected, even if it happens more often than not.
  11. I'm not saying this summer was the greatest, but it's a far cry from 2009, even 2014 felt cooler to me. But at this point, the average temp has fallen only a single degree from summer's peak. We're still in the "late January" of summer. No one would declare winter dead at the end of January because of a few 60-70 degree days, but with temps and snowfall near average. Many refuse to let go of the fantasy range storms until they're physically impossible or there aren't any to track. I'm just trying to be realistic, summer dead in early August? I don't think so, it's too soon to know how it'll end. Just like "spring" arrived in the second half of February, and then March happened.
  12. Kinda weird seeing everyone declare summer over while we're still near the peak, with temps running about average.
  13. Long Island feels almost Mediterranean at times. A "dry season" during summer seems to be a recurring theme.
  14. Not bad... Doesn't benefit me at all, but it's good to see part of the desert getting some much needed rain.