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  1. 46.7 was my min this morning. First 40’s. My previous lowest minimum was 52.7 back on 10/01.
  2. I’m legitimately cold. It’d be nice if the sun came out.
  3. So weird seeing people riding jet skis in October.
  4. Insanely small diurnal temp range here these past 53 hours. Temp hasn’t been above 72.5 or below 70.7 during this time.
  5. 0.37 today, 0.10 yesterday. My temp has been hovering between 71-73 for 48 hours now. It’s currently 72 and mostly cloudy, though the sun looks like it wants to come out.
  6. The universe is certainly making up for that lackluster spring and summer. I’m not mad at all.
  7. Still hasn’t deviated from 71 degrees. 0.07 so far.
  8. I’ve been sitting at 71 degrees for 12 hours straight, since 7:26 PM yesterday.
  9. Only 0.06 here in the last two weeks. 0.52 in the last 30 days (09/07-10/06).
  10. You’ve been very lucky. The areas of Suffolk I frequent all look pretty toasted for the most part. The grassy median along Nicolls Road is virtually all brown from Sunrise Highway north to NY-347. Areas around the Northern State Parkway don’t look bad though. There will be no trees along the Southern State Parkway at this rate. In some sections the “forest” has thinned out significantly between the recurring droughts and Sandy, Irene, and the March 2010 Nor’easter. They may as well replace the dead and dying trees with pitch pines and shortleaf pines which are both native species and are far more drought tolerant than the species currently present.
  11. Potential 70 degree low for me today. Crazy. I hope it holds (it should).
  12. 46 in Stony Brook. 59 when I left Nassau, and once again I’m wearing short sleeves. Fml.
  13. 44 in Centereach, LI. It was 56 when I left SW Nassau an hour ago. I hate when this happens, I’m wearing short sleeves.
  14. More storms moving into central/eastern Suffolk. Very dark and starting to rain here in Middle Island.