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December 15-16 Mixed Bag of Precip


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Here are some maps regarding the Mid-Atlantic storm. The vertical-horizontal cross section (4th picture) shows the warm layer at 850mb extending well into the middle part of the image, with below freezing underneath 850mb. That's where the sleet/freezing rain should exist. I used the RH as colors, as to make it less confusing. Green colors are values of high relative humidity. On the 5th picture you can see temperatures above 0C at 850mb in the same places as those of temps below 30F surface temperature.










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Roads fine in Harford.

Trees like nice.  Southern pines droopy as usual.

Our Christmas inflatables are definitely feeling it!

It would have been nice if this cleared out suddenly as the bright sun would have made the trees glisten beautifully.  Just the right amount of accretion for that and not enough to be a nuisance or worse.

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Had a little ice on the car top around 7:30am, but generally NOT an icy day in Columbia.  Temps were stuck at a minimum 32.4 for a few hours on either side of dawn, but we are on a slow rise now at 11am, sitting at 33.5.

So yeah, 33 and rain.  :raining:

Just another cold, rainy day .... while I watch my good friends in Middletown, NY get 3"-5" snow later today and tonite.

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