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  1. Looks like one needs to be generally N&E of a Pittsburgh-Pottstown-Allentown line, to be seriously in the game for mid-late week snow accums.
  2. the dreaded ''sun angles'' return .....
  3. Yeah, I was just looking at my IMBY records and it looks like 4 years ago today I was finishing Jan 23-24 with 25" IMBY.
  4. Nice fresh easterly breeze has picked up since sundown. Also, fast-moving low-level cloud deck streaming from the east. 43.9
  5. Coldest morning of the winter IMBY -- and really not all-that cold. So weekend system looks like it has trended more from a SW-to-NE Midwest track .... to a NE-to-ENE system tracking thru TN Valley > OH Valley .... with redevelopment off the MA/NE coast and with cold HP retreating off to the east from New England. Maybe some snowfall for the MD/WV highest elevations this weekend, but it would take a Hail Mary to get snow at the lower elevations with lowest temps currently progged for mid 30s adjacent to the ridges and points east.
  6. Almost dusk, first time I’ve noticed ice-lined trees today. But not big-time ice. Tiny icicles melting from deck rail. Looks like temps finally starting to rise. Now 30.8, up about 1 degree in past hour.
  7. Temp has been steady at 29.9 for a few hours. Lite rain and no iciness on walkways or roads.
  8. Running errands. More salt on roads than snow. Roads just wet.
  9. Onset of lite flurries at 11:10.
  10. 27 with high-overcast-but-brighter skies to the south.
  11. Drove Columbia =>IAD=>Columbia starting 2:15 Only took 3-3/4 hrs round-trip.
  12. Pretty much a wet snow in Columbia, 38 IMBY. Heading out to IAD for a drop-off -- should be fun -- NOT!