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  1. Looks like in MBY at sunrise we will bottom-out at 37.
  2. Just slipped down below 40 -- to 39.8 at 6:30am.
  3. Dropped to 43.9 at 7:30am Sunday, beating a low of 45.4 on Saturday morning.
  4. Af 9:30pm, drove west from Pasadena (steady rain) to Columbia (sprinkles).
  5. 7am Sunday -- 58.7° IMBY on east side of Columbia, around sunrise.
  6. First bona fide deluge for this event just passed through imby.
  7. Glad I squeezed in a lawnmowing this morning. Grass needed cutting. Finished 11:00am, before the rain, granted grass had some water droplets from last nite which did not have a chance to fully evaporate this morning. But certainly not too wet to mow Now am watching my neighbor trying to mow in the rain at 1:15pm. A decent rainshower here has begun. Neighbor had to call it quits at 1:30.
  8. Beautiful day in Thurmont. Temp about 80.
  9. Just slipped under 60 -- 59.9 at 6am.
  10. We are lucky to have red headed woodpeckers daily at our feeder.
  11. with my low-balling rain gauge: 9/3/20 - 1.08" 9/2/20 - 0.15"
  12. 0.66" on my low-balling rain gauge. But 0.76" at BWI about 15 miles to my east, so it may be accurate.
  13. Columbia, after the storm, altho it was raining pretty good here when photo was taken.