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  1. 0.17" IMBY around 1:30am. Noticed the storms were holding together over the mountains around 11:30 last night (dying MCS?; also the cells were noted in the Monday evening LWX AFD) so decided to bring in seat cushions on the deck. Best decision I made all day!
  2. Had a 10-min downpour Thursday afternoon with the pop-up cell that formed between Clarksburg and Germantown .... and then moved east. Had 1/10" rain in about 10 minutes. First good downpour in weeks. BWI reached 95. 92.9 IMBY Thursday.
  3. Radars to our west have just consistently and magically dried up lately. I would say “this too shall pass”, except the rain already has (by)passed us , at least in my general area. At least we got another official 90-degree day in the books today.
  4. Warm overnight for all. At 6am Monday temp had dipped to 79.9° IMBY. At 6:45am temp at 78.8, likely near my morning low with the sun rising.
  5. I thought I saw unofficial readings in downtown Balto and Philly of 100°. BWI was “only” 98 tho.
  6. Summer high so far imby Saturday— 97°
  7. Cooling outflow with some stiff breezes.
  8. 0.27" -- guess I'll be happy about it.
  9. Midnight thundershower with 0.03" over about a 1/2-hour. 5:45am temp just slipped below 70, to 69.8.
  10. 1/2” here/Columbia overnight.
  11. BWI had 1.63" in 1 hour during the night, between approx 1-2am .... and 0.83" between 2-3am. BWI is approx 15 miles east of me in Columbia area. To my surprise when I checked the rain gauge this morning, I had 1.31" since rain began Wednesday evening. Only had a few tenths of an inch when I went to bed at 12:30am. Whatever downpours we got did not wake me up.
  12. 0.37" rainfall 7/6/22. July, 2022 rainfall so far 0.51". Not great results, considering all the rain chances so far in July.
  13. I would say 96° occurring 3x already at BWI qualifies as “summer”!
  14. 66 this morning for low temp. Great day and evening for an outside band job and fireworks (private party) overlooking and just a few feet from South River.
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