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  1. Time-sensitive but a nice blow-up of clouds early this evening just south of S-ern NC.
  2. Columbia flurries beginning/trying to stick to car tops and deck. 34.2°
  3. Columbia, 6:15pm: a few flurries, 34°
  4. Some sky-brightening looking SW from Columbia.
  5. Obviously, there is model consensus this thing turns NW>N>NE ..... with time. But I wonder about that old axiom that says hurricanes like this create their own environment and way-ahead, thereby introducing the risk this beast doesn't follow model-ology But I do realize all the signs point to a turn up/off the East Coast before any FL/GA landfall. The low to the east of Dorian is getting better organized as well altho probably no effect on Dorian.
  6. Yeah, had it going into E-central Florida with 75mph winds.
  7. Wow, that's pretty far away, relatively speaking.
  8. Just wondering if my Columbia, Md. and vicinity brethren were startled around 8am Sunday, Aug 25th by a house-rattling explosion. It shook our house considerably and then it was over. Could've been anything from a transformer .... to an earthquake (just about the only house-rattling sounds I've experienced) to something crashing into the ground in the area. I went outside right after it happened and I saw some neighbors way up the street also outside, so it must've been heard in a fairly wide area, at least around east part of Columbia.
  9. I was watching the lightning show from Columbia on Saturday evening, 9:00ish. It was flashing at a quick rate off to my W & SW, but storm traveled SE-ward toward N-ern part of DC. Nothing more here than a distant light show. Temps in MBY ranged from 78 to 96 on Saturday. Sunday morning low as of 6am is 79, pretty toasty for the 'burbs.
  10. A little cell popped up to my south over the Fairland area on Tues evening about 8:00. Reached MBY on east side of Columbia just before 9:00. 15 mins of ground-watering rain, about 1/10". But a great lightning sky show as the storm verrrry slowly moved NE/ENE-ward from Laurel. It looked like the most intense part of the cell went over Laurel, Ft. Meade, Jessup and Savage .... and eventually MBY got clipped as a small "arm" from the cell grew NW-ward to over my 'hood from the main cell. It would not surprise me if the west side of Columbia and Ellicott City saw nada.
  11. Best storm in years IMBY in terms of wind + rain. Started with a bit of T&L but then just pouring sheets of rain for a solid 30 minutes and quite windy for a solid 10-15 mins (it felt longer). Tropical storm-like during the 10-15 mins of strong winds. About 3/4"-1" rain. Temp dropped from 84 to 71 during storm.
  12. Yeah, saw that. I just hadn't seen the Twitter map online anywhere. Just curious.
  13. Is this map (daily?) online anywhere else other than NWS Twitter feeds?
  14. 1.69" rain IMBY for this event so far, compared to 1.74" at BWI for the entire day 3/21. DCA 1.96" for 3/21 but IAD 2.69". 3/21 hi temp was 48 IMBY. 3/22 low temp midnite to 6am today was 40, but temp back up to 41 at 6am. Looks like an active day today!
  15. Temp has recently fallen from 48 to 45 with heavy rain band moving thru.