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  1. Visible and IR satellite loop looking more impressive mid-morning Sunday.
  2. Incoming. Looks pretty electric to the SW.
  3. Subtle upper level spin of clouds offshore GA-SC coast Monday morning, drifting north ..... amounting to nothing. Although LWX long term disco mentions outlier chance of a period of rain Thurs nite.
  4. I recorded 0.31”on Wednesday also. Only 0.61” total Wed and Thurs. Slate gray clouds and booming coming from the north now.
  5. I only recorded 3/10” but I think my cheapie rain gage is suspect.
  6. Nice rains on east side of Columbia. Looks like the northern end of the DC storm built to the NE.
  7. It’s just about show-time in Columbia. Wind and low clouds moving in. Much cooler!
  8. Getting pounded in Columbia.
  9. Darkening skies to the SW. A few cells popping. Hit or miss for sure.
  10. Charlottesville, Va. now at 24 consecutive days of 90+ high temps (including 101 on 7/19/20).
  11. Pretty warm morning IMBY. Briefly dipped below 80 overnite (79.7) but awoke 5:30am to 80.5. Still time to drop just below 80 again before sunrise. Don't see too many mornings in this 'burb hanging around 80.
  12. 97 imby today, slightly warmer than my warmest day all last summer. And at 9:30, still a muggy, uncomfortable 88.2.
  13. Charlottesville has 23 days running now of 90+ high temps.
  14. https://www.weather.gov/media/notification/scn20-31md_countiesaaa.pdf
  15. I was up at 12:30 this morning. It was pouring, with minor thunder and maybe a couple brief lightning flashes. During the evening there was a fairly sold line of rain (lots of yellows and reds) moving east out from the Potomac Highlands. The line gradually began diminishing and breaking up, but there was one small red cell that survived and just happened to pass over Columbia. Location, location, location!!!