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  1. 7/1/22 rainfall -- two weak storm passed through -- only totaled a trace IMBY on the east side of Columbia. A toasty 76.7° at 5:45am.
  2. 1.02" for this event so far at dawn Thursday IMBY, east side of Columbia. Had no rain before 8pm Wednesday.
  3. 66 is Wednesday a.m. low IMBY, Columbia.
  4. 53 so far IMBY Monday morning.
  5. 53 Sunday morning at 6am. Was surprised that I reached 80 for high temp late-afternoon Saturday.
  6. Was camping last few days north of Paw Paw, WV and south of Flintstone, Md./Allegheny County. Was 82 in Cumberland at 6am this morning. Back home now in Columbia, 94.7 degrees at 4pm.
  7. 2.73” on my low-balling rain gage for Wed thru dawn Thursday.
  8. 2.27” today so far. Looking east toward Elkridge when the severe storm came thru, the sky to the east was much darker than here. Felt like I was on the edge of “something”.
  9. I just finished mowing this morning. Nothing makes me happier than to see the grass go brown and dormant. Because I know it’ll turn plush and green in October, followed again by weekly mowing and then add in the falling leaves just to add insult to injury. I enjoy the few weeks off from mowing during July and August during those summers when it gets hot and rains become sparse.
  10. Tornado warning for Columbia until 12:45pm. https://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx.php?warnzone=MDZ506&warncounty=MDC027&firewxzone=MDZ506&local_place1=Columbia MD&product1=Tornado+Warning&lat=39.201&lon=-76.8316#.YpD6YRYpAlQ
  11. Must remember faxes and boosters were developed from earlier strains, not the current strain which seems to be easier to catch but *generally* has less severe effects. No one should be sorry about getting vaxxed even if u get the newer strain. Tested positive 8 days after second booster. Minimal impacts personally, almost nothing symptoms-wise other than a brief headache and slight cough.
  12. Sunday morning low IMBY 74.0°.
  13. Thursday morning low 58.5° Approx 0.17” overnight.
  14. Monday morning low 63. Nice!
  15. 73/41 today IMBY in Columbia.
  16. bottomed out at 41.2 IMBY.
  17. 49.5° approaching 3pm. GO CAPS!
  18. I'll just hope I can mow the lawn by Mon/Tues. Needs it now. At 8am, 56 in Columbia.
  19. Columbia: 0.74" overnite, 0.87" for May so far
  20. 6:30am, east side of Columbia— 35.3°
  21. 34.2 IMBY for Wednesday low temp.
  22. That’s O’s baseball these days....
  23. One thermometer says 67 and another says 68.6 for my morning low. Not too shabby! BWI all the way down to 72 at 7am.
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