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  1. Columbia 8:30am Morning low temp holding steady at 56.3° Almost 1/2" so far with light rain.
  2. 7:30am east side of Columbia: 56.3 degrees 0.4" so far .... a cool, rainy, breezy morning
  3. 55.1° Sunday low on east side of Columbia
  4. Same here. Looked out window. South sky cloudy with good lightning. North windows clear and starry skies. Radar showed the cell to south moving NE but staying to the SE of Columbia.
  5. BWI 96 at 2pm but they've reached 98 today already.
  6. I came up with IAD at 99 today, BWI 98, DCA 97. Very strangely only reached 88.4 in my Columbia 'hood.
  7. Seems like Tampa Bay has really turned things around in last month or so and they've been playing similarly to the quality early run they had. O's looking over their shoulders?
  8. First minor rain+thunder cell gave 0.33" IMBY/Columbia. No complaints here.
  9. Only 0.15" at 9pm imby/Columbia.
  10. 0.03" overnight in my part of Columbia
  11. What's that blob in the eastern Atlantic (he wonders to himself)?
  12. In my part of Columbia: 0.47" Friday PM 0.72" Saturday PM (in 25 mins) So about 1.2" in about 24 hour period. I'm good.
  13. 0.47" for Friday evening storm. Really great dark sky as storm approached and refreshing breezes before rain arrived. Equaled season-high temp of 94 imby.
  14. An understatement: Incoming! -Columbia
  15. Mowing lawn was fun today
  16. IMBY in Columbia received 1.14" from early Monday morning storm, as rain is winding down now (6:30am).
  17. Early Friday morning storm: 0.90" IMBY on east side of Columbia. About 15 miles to my east, BWI 0.68".
  18. 0.47" imby/Columbia from the 3:45am thundershower plus additional light rain which fell between approx 7-8:30am today. Partially blue skies and sun have returned.
  19. Thundershower began around 3:45 am. Very little L&T. 0.33" IMBY/Columbia compared to 0.60" approx 15 miles east at BWI. Some more rain has just begun at 6:10 am Wednesday.
  20. Rain gage batteries crapped out Friday but received estimated 0.15" in Friday's local t-shower/storm. The cell's "reds" got to within a mile of my area but instead just moved from the west ... NE-ward, but passing by and missing to just the NW of me. But overall still better than nothing. Turned out to be a good shrubs and lawn watering.
  21. Morning low imby 74.7, that's pretty warm to start the day for my location.
  22. Last 3 days imby 94, 93, 94 today.
  23. A toasty 94.1 imby Tuesday behind the cold front
  24. BWI 1.35" Sunday. Me, 15-20 mins by car to the west -- 0.08" But with approx 1.2" on Saturday and a few other isolated downpours overhead the past few days, not so bad. Haven't had to water at least.
  25. Columbia: Another .28" in a 25-min downpour. No l&t and calm winds with this cell. Total for today 1.12" with diminishing light rain still falling.
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