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December 15-16 Mixed Bag of Precip


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1 hour ago, Snows O's & Bohs said:

Any thoughts on the highways through western maryland later today? Son is supposed to drive back from WVU for xmas break today and it looks like it could stay frozen there all day, but I'm guessing the highways should be pretty clear.

I live in Garrett County and can confirm the roads are dicey, but passable. The heaviest precip has ended and the road crews out here are phenomenal. It has been mostly sleet for the last 4 or so hours, which has limited the ZR accretion. If he hits the road, you know the drill...just take your time. It won't do anyone any good to call from a ditch.

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6 minutes ago, WinterWxLuvr said:

We are fast approaching the time we need the temp to go up. Lots of ice and drooping trees. Good news is that I do think the temp has gone up a degree or two since early morning so maybe it’s not still accumulating. Ice sucks

same here -- sitting at 33 with a steady rain, but trees are icy and very droopy. 

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1 hour ago, GATECH said:

One heck of a wet system, 1.28” of rain so far.  As a miserable A F day as I can remember.

cant even get a window to walk the dog. The euro was right...this would of been a 1-2 foot snowstorm if it was cold enough

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