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  1. Talking about snowflakes or ice mixing in for nw Augusta County and areas in the highlands and Alleghenies getting inches and even up to a foot of snow overnight and in the next day or so! Crazy for May 1st
  2. Sleet mixing in with the rain here in Augusta county northwest of Staunton. Car thermometer says 38°
  3. 74°. About 20 mile an hour winds, but just had a gust to 45. North west of Staunton.
  4. Yeah, crazy temp swings this time of year. NWS has a frost watch for Friday night and Saturday it rises to 72
  5. Had frost in the morning and another warning from lwx tonight here in Augusta County, but other than these two evenings, it has been about normal to a little cold this month
  6. It was not really bait as much as it was a comeuppance. He talked a lot of trash about not getting any snow in March and specifically mentioned me to rub it in, one of the only posters on here that just had a 12hr+ snowstorm. He talked a lot of shit and when I called him on it, he disappeared and ran away. He deserved my response and the fact he didn’t respond is telling.
  7. No response to my post responding to your failed attempt at calling me out? Lol
  8. It snowed all day here starting at 10:00 am until sundown and then more overnight on 3/12. It was awesome!! I spent most of the day outside. Went on a Jebride on my atv. Sledded with the kids. Had a fire going in the wood stove. Had about 4” fall that day and overnight, although the roads didn’t get too bad because of ground temps. Had some time off of school for the kids and my wife and I (we are teachers) the next day, which was much needed. I posted pics in the morning that day in the observation thread. Sorry you had nothing in your area and saw no snow when you got home. Nice try at rubbing it in @IronTy, but you picked the wrong guy and failed! Lol I invited you out to the highlands (elevation is cool) but you never showed up! Lolol
  9. Is it a bad sign for snow prospects when you can't tell the difference between the long range thread and the futility thread? lol
  10. I received a few inches above climo that winter, so the blocking helped at least some of us in this sub.
  11. 28° and flurries on my way home from my second job here northwest of Staunton
  12. 35 degrees and flurries intermittent all day here NW of Staunton.
  13. It snowed nearly all day today, from 10:00 to sunset. That was awesome.
  14. Went on a Jebride on my atv. Lots fell today and even though there wasn’t a ton of accumulation, it was a beautiful day!
  15. 30° and snowing here northwest of Staunton. Accumulating only on trees and other elevated surfaces at the moment. eta: Starting to accumulate on the ground. Will update with pictures as the day progresses.
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