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  1. 32, moderate snow after heavy snow for 45 minutes. Should end up between 3 and 4" for this storm. Good luck to all on the board! One last pic:
  2. Cool! I edited my post to say 2.75" when I just measured 20 minutes ago. May be able to eke out 3 -3 1/2" as that back edge rolls by us.
  3. 2.75" here and 31 degrees in Augusta County nw of Staunton. Moderate snow. This is me headed to town with trash at 10:30. Beautiful!
  4. Woke up to half an inch on 12/5. That's my bar and reaching it seems like a stretch at this point unfortunately. Good luck to those up north and east of me!
  5. My expected totals look about as good as yours in Frederick Co! lol Still, the question remains how can one say the expected amount is <1" and simultaneously say the chance for >=1" is 61%?
  6. So Staunton is a town close to me. How can the NWS sway they expect <1" in the table when they also say the chances of >= 1" is 61%?
  7. If this verifies in the realm of what is currently modeled, wasn't the CMC the first of the major models to lay down the stripe from SW Va to the DC metro area? Granted, it had 14" or so for my area in one of the subsequent runs, but it had the general idea right if the models end up verifying. I haven't been following to closely until yesterday, but I remember the 0Z Thursday CMC output on TT:
  8. According to NWS, I have a 20% chance of snow Sunday night and a 20% chance Monday morning. Just saying.
  9. But you are posting on a winter storm thread (it literally has winter in the thread title), where most people come to chase track snow storms and root for them to happen. I also am not diminishing, as I have some winter blues myself, but tracking snow and experience the snow is the best antidote for me, so that's why I root for snow.
  10. 1.5" and light snow here. Road and driveway are covered. 3k says heaviest snow will be this afternoon. Augusta County schools are closed, so my wife and I and the kids are off. Snow day!!
  11. I keep checking outside because of radar returns, but I know the mesos say it will be morning before there is accumulation imby.
  12. I wish you luck, but so far virga out here in the valley to your west. Some dry air to overcome.
  13. I didn't run Bob Chill off. I don't bitch and complain. I think the snow will stick here as there is still ice and snow on the roads from Sunday. I may not have to go to work because I am a teacher. Yes, I do want to talk about this "storm" because it will give parts of my county up to 4". And yes, I think if this were a storm for the DC and Baltimore crew the football and banter would have been deleted a long time ago.