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  1. According to NWS, I have a 20% chance of snow Sunday night and a 20% chance Monday morning. Just saying.
  2. But you are posting on a winter storm thread (it literally has winter in the thread title), where most people come to chase track snow storms and root for them to happen. I also am not diminishing, as I have some winter blues myself, but tracking snow and experience the snow is the best antidote for me, so that's why I root for snow.
  3. 1.5" and light snow here. Road and driveway are covered. 3k says heaviest snow will be this afternoon. Augusta County schools are closed, so my wife and I and the kids are off. Snow day!!
  4. I keep checking outside because of radar returns, but I know the mesos say it will be morning before there is accumulation imby.
  5. I wish you luck, but so far virga out here in the valley to your west. Some dry air to overcome.
  6. I didn't run Bob Chill off. I don't bitch and complain. I think the snow will stick here as there is still ice and snow on the roads from Sunday. I may not have to go to work because I am a teacher. Yes, I do want to talk about this "storm" because it will give parts of my county up to 4". And yes, I think if this were a storm for the DC and Baltimore crew the football and banter would have been deleted a long time ago.
  7. Looks like the 3K NAM is increasing qpf near the epicenter in southern WV and decreasing qpf in areas further north
  8. It really has been consistently modeled from 5 days out on the GFS twins and Icon. I like this little system, too, and have faith in seeing some snow tomorrow.
  9. So, I should be in a different forum, and the thread should be deleted. Got it.
  10. Why would the thread need to be deleted just because you don't think the system is good for you? lol
  11. Under a WWA in Augusta County now for 1-3". NAMs, Euro, GFS twins all look to be on board. The ground here is still super cold and holding onto ice and snow from our last storm. Low of 26 tonight and a high of 35 tomorrow should support accumulating snow. I am excited and hoping it gives my wife and I a day off of work since we both teach. Looks like a good small event for the counties west and southwest of me as well as counties to the north in western VA.
  12. You are back. Is it spring already?
  13. If the current consensus of the models verify with accumulating snow for the western counties of VA from southern WV north, the ICON and the GFS twins schooled the Euro from 4-5 days out. The King also had 4" for me on the last storm and I had 2". Just stating the obvious and saying that although it is our best model to date, it isn't infallible.
  14. Might be a slight error with the TT output right now for the 3K! lol
  15. Looking like 1-2" here and all the westernmost counties north of me in Virginia. Fun little event to track. I'm not out.