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December 15-16 Mixed Bag of Precip


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18 minutes ago, understudyhero said:

Prince William WOULD have delayed , but closed:

The weather forecast for Thursday would typically call for a two-hour delay, but due to double bus runs and staffing shortages, as well as uncertainty in temperatures that may cause icy conditions in parts of the county, we are unable to operate safely on a delay.

Code orange…the teachers have to work from home.  The kids will sleep and eat chips

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6 minutes ago, southmdwatcher said:

It's gonna rain tomorrow in DC Metro and we have closings and delays already. This is soft. Rant done. Bring on some real Winter weather next week.

I understand where you are coming from. But for ice...even .01" of accretion in the wrong spot could cause a crash - and if that involves a bus everyone will complain they didn't play it safe. School systems play it SUPER safe with icing. 

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