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  1. For a novice like me, DT's FB post this morning was educational and easily outlines the #SANTABOMB and the influences of our near-term weather. Good read.
  2. Is that a good number "2" on the Daily OISST, Mitch?
  3. THUNDER!!!! Heavy snow now in Timonium, 21093, west of I-83.
  4. Timonium, 21093, west of I-83. Now snow and sleet mixture (50-50) after about an hour of moderate to heavy sleet. 31 degrees.
  5. Moderate sleet, 31 degrees. Timounium (21093), west of I-83.
  6. Steady snow here in Timonium, MD (21093), west of I-83. 26 degrees.
  7. That's L-A-N. Kill that account, Admins.
  8. OFG- Another long-time lurker here. I am willing to match your donation and will use LWX for my snow measurement. $10 for every inch of snow from Sunday, 2/2 through Sunday, 2/9. Any other lurker wanna help fund our voyeur obsession?
  9. Control - Puddle of Mudd
  10. Mapgirl- I live on the other side of 83 from you (off Timonium Rd) and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your little one. Just after her 3rd birthday, my 6 yr old daughter was in the hospital for two weeks with RSV, pneumonia and the flu SIMULTANEOUSLY. I was never more scared in my life. She fully recovered and has wrapped me around her growing finger. We have great healthcare providers around here. Here's to a speedy recovery and some sleep and peace-of-mind for you.
  11. UVVmet84, as a long-time lurker and reader I welcome you to the board and ask that you stick around. You certainly add to the collective knowledge of this place.
  12. Continues to snow light to moderately in Sparks, MD (21152). Been snowing all afternoon but all I see is more grass.
  13. Been snowing moderately to heavy and steadily for the past hour in Sparks, MD (21152). Too warm to accumulate except as slush on cars. Pretty to watch. Ground is barely white.