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  1. Lovely heavy rain and 34 in oakton va. Doesn’t look to switch over any time soon.
  2. Once this area fills in within the next hr then most should go over to sleet according to HRRR.
  3. We probably won’t start mixing till like 10am.
  4. Well all models showing lots of sleet here and even snow now. Don’t see why not like rest of offices just upgrade now.
  5. 6Z rgem is another massive nuke. Trends are good my friends.
  6. Storm 2 starts in like 20 hrs just issue the warnings already. Plus it’s going to be a mess after 12pm. Think is really random.
  7. Even snow depth is well over 6” this run. Wow.
  8. Lwx going weird route with watch/warnings. I mea. This just looks confusing to me. Public will have no idea.
  9. It’s pretty sick. Like some 2-3” per four rates lol.
  10. 3km nam joins the super banding fun. TSSN?
  11. Lwx disco says they are holding off on warnings lol. Wow.
  12. It’s super heavy sleet too. Could be TSIP.
  13. Nam is nasty. Super moist and colder. Sleet bullets. Probably thunder sleet.
  14. They issue everything at once usually between 3-4am. Also takes a while to make the maps and get all the info updated. Not like they wave a magic wand and there it is.
  15. Eps isn’t going to be real useful this close in.
  16. All is setting up for a waning event in late March. No one should be complaining.
  17. Almost back to those totals from like 5 days ago lol