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  1. Jeez
  2. From Twitter, sorry if it was already shared. Pretty cool
  3. When is the latest DCA has recorded snowfall?
  4. Not sure if this is a tornado or not, this is what came through Germantown.
  5. I was just outside and I think we just got hit by a tornado in Germantown. Literally right through my parking lot
  6. I live near the Chipotle in the town center. Pretty cool, pea sized hail
  7. Does that look like a tornado to anyone else? Probably heard on the radio that there was a tornado warning, and then decided what he was experiencing was a tornado.
  8. Not big, wasn't in a good spot to go outside but you can hear it against the windows. It's already over now though.
  9. Storms here in Germantown. Pretty violent wind gust just came through. Absolute deluge
  10. Rain is fierce in Germantown this evening. Wondering whats going on in the reds @
  11. Rain/sleet in Germantown, just as everything was starting to whiten up