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  1. 34° and snowing in Snowshoe on the live cams!
  2. Cold 39° with windchill in 20's. Flurries off and on this morning. In Snowshoe....btw
  3. Pouring snow in Snowshoe. Quick inch in 15 minutes.
  4. Wow! Definitely didn't have those rates in Snowshoe
  5. 24° Heavy snow squall. Heaviest of the day in Snowshoe Village. Ground white.
  6. At my place in Snowshoe. Expecting one last gasp of winter. 1-2" expected once front passes. Beautiful day in the upper 50's today.
  7. Temperature dropped from 28° to 24° with heaviest snow now. Ground white.
  8. Snow just started falling in Snowshoe. 27" still OTG!
  9. Another 4" at Snowshoe. Snow stake almost gone. Pics from beginning of season to now.
  10. 4° in Snowshoe. Another 2-3" fell overnight. Snow stake almost gone!
  11. Heavy freezing rain in Snowshoe. Almost no snow at all earlier. Mostly sleet. Don't think the 5-8" 6-10" will verify...lol
  12. Just over 2" of new snow. Beautiful morning in Snowshoe.
  13. Let's see if Thursday will totally cover it!
  14. 8° in Snowshoe with about an inch of fluffy upslope. Let's see what Thursday holds.
  15. 29° moderate freezing rain in Snowshoe.
  16. 27 with light freezing rain in Snowshoe. Hoping to get heavier rates for some flakes.
  17. They do a great job plowing here. However, if actively snowing, you do need AWD/4WD to access the mountain. They do not use salt here and only use gravel. It does help but these hills are steep! The switchbacks up to the village are crazy and momentum is needed for sure. Many times when snowing, people abandon their vehicle's and hitch a ride up.
  18. In Snowshoe again and the amount of snowpack is amazing. Another 2" fell overnight and 24"-30" is on the ground. Most I have seen here in several years. The bear carving is 7' tall for reference.
  19. Agreed! And with the cold coming, should keep them open through March, with more trails open entire time.
  20. Another 4" overnight in Snowshoe. Probably 12-14" total since Sunday. Snowpack is amazing. January 16 and now.
  21. 24° in Snowshoe. Will be driving back to Arlington Monday. Upslope may give Snowshoe more but too far West for the coastal.
  22. About 11-12" since Friday in Snowshoe. Still lightly snowing at 15°. Great ratios always help with these upslope events. Almost 18" snowpack again.
  23. Few inches yesterday. Still a good snowpack of 6". First time in a few years snow has stayed on the ground in Snowshoe.