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    Large home for rent in Snowshoe, WV. Go to BearCubsDen.com for more info!

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  1. Potvinsux

    July Discobs 2019

    Humans are plain dumb. I saw so many drive through swift water and have their vehicles get pushed sideways. I understand there are times you have nowhere to go but these were choices they made instead of turning around. Plain stupid. Took me 2 hours to get home from Arlington to Ashburn. Lewinsville road, McGarity, Old Dominion, Leesburg Pike all closed.
  2. Potvinsux

    April Discobs 2019

    Snowing all day here in Snowshoe. Not sticking to roads but about 3/4" on the grass. 26 degrees all day with wind chill in the teens.
  3. Potvinsux

    March 3-4, 2019 Snow Discussion and Obs

    Approaching 4.5" in Snowshoe at the highest point. Silver Creek is about 3". Warming up-above killed it for 3 hours with sleet/rain. Temp stayed at 28° all day now down to 12° with light snow falling.
  4. Potvinsux

    March 3-4, 2019 Snow Discussion and Obs

    Maybe 4" here and Snowshoe...maybe another 1" overnight. Lull and sleet killed it here.
  5. Potvinsux

    March 3-4, 2019 Snow Discussion and Obs

    That's a bad injury to come back from...
  6. Potvinsux

    March 3-4, 2019 Snow Discussion and Obs

    27° and 3" so far in Snowshoe. Lull with light sleet now which 12z NAM 3k picked up well. Pictures are from top and bottom of the mountain and video is driving back up to the top.
  7. Potvinsux

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    Great rates in Ashburn. Thinking about 3" so far.
  8. Potvinsux

    January 2019 Discussion and Obs

    Been in Snowshoe during the last storm. So happy you guys over performed. Good snowpack from upslope. Looks amazing up here!
  9. Potvinsux

    January 2019 Discussion and Obs

    Fresh powder in Snowshoe. Still snowing as of now according to my camera. https://bearcubsden.com/weather
  10. Potvinsux

    January 2019 Discussion and Obs

    URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE...CORRECTED National Weather Service Charleston WV 257 PM EST Tue Jan 8 2019 WVZ523-526-090300- /O.UPG.KRLX.WS.A.0001.190109T0500Z-190110T1800Z/ /O.NEW.KRLX.WS.W.0001.190109T0900Z-190110T1700Z/ Northwest Pocahontas-Southeast Randolph- Including the cities of Snowshoe and Harman 257 PM EST Tue Jan 8 2019 ...WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 4 AM WEDNESDAY TO NOON EST THURSDAY... * WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 8 to 12 inches expected with isolated higher amounts possible. Winds gusting as high as 50 mph in the highest elevations, mainly tonight. * WHERE...Northwest Pocahontas and Southeast Randolph Counties. * WHEN...From 4 AM Wednesday to noon EST Thursday. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Travel could be very difficult to impossible. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning or evening commute. Gusty winds could bring down tree branches. The cold wind chills as low as 15 below zero Wednesday night could result in hypothermia if precautions are not taken.
  11. Potvinsux

    December 9/10 Storm

    A solid 3-4" in Snowshoe. Still coming down. Just shoveled the patio.
  12. Potvinsux

    December 9/10 Storm

    Can't be any closer to the cutoff but Snowshoe is in the snow now. 21° windy. Soaring Eagle is in the distance for those who know the resort.
  13. Potvinsux

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    22 now in Snowshoe. 1-3" tomorrow will be great but still not entirely convinced.
  14. Potvinsux

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    Got down to 10 in Snowshoe with a good 5 -6" snowpack from last week's upslope. Hoping for a little tomorrow.