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  1. 2.55" for me. Very little wind.
  2. 3" on the nose for this event.
  3. Looks like it's just about over for me. Ended up with 5.8".
  4. Emptied the rain gauge at 4.7". Only .5 the last hour for a total of 5.2" so far.
  5. Now up to 4.4" with heavy rain continuing. I going to have to go out and empty my rain gauge.
  6. 3.6" and counting here at the northern tip of Loudoun.
  7. Wow! that one went right over me and was very strong. Lost power twice, but came back. First severe storm in my new log home and still standing. Have a 24' ceiling in the great room with a wall of windows that face due west. Had to stand in the hallway because I was scared to stand next to the windows.
  8. The difference between Leesburg and the northwestern tip of Loudoun County is stark. I still have 100% snow cover with 5-6 inches and 50% cover on my access road. I drive into Hillsboro and it has all but disapeared.
  9. Your in the wrong part of Loudoun. I got 5" of snow and about a half inch of sleet.
  10. Has to be 1-2 inches per hour.
  11. Back to very heavy snow last half hour and 21.
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