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  1. May Obs/Disco Thread

    2.10" in 45 min. Big thunderstorm right on the convergence between the marine front and clearing with marble size hail and wind gusts that had to be in the 50's to around 60. I hit a high of 84.
  2. March Obs/Disco Thread

    I'm at 48.
  3. March Obs/Disco Thread

    I've picked up almost an 1" of rain in the last two hours.
  4. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Changing back to snow from sleet in Remington.
  5. April 2016 obs/ discussion

    18 for a low out at my garden, 24 on the side of my house.
  6. President's Day Storm Obs & Nowcasting

    Just measured 4", still snowing lightly and 20 degrees.
  7. Record Breaking Cold 2/19-2/20

    Lowest spot in subdivision outside of Remington.
  8. Mid to late Jan cold talk

    I was down to -4 this morning. I work in Loudoun County and two of my coworkers report subzero lows. One lives south of Purcellville off of Route 690 and had a low of -7 and one lives in Wheatlands just north of the intersection of Route 9 & 287 in a low spot and said he had a low of -10.
  9. January 15th Threat

    I was 42 with rain about an hour ago. Now 35 and probably 90% snow paste
  10. January 15th Threat

    Switched over to moderate snow.
  11. Biggest Storm of 2014 Nowcast/Obs/Disco

    That death band had the biggest snowflakes I can remember - up to half dollar size. Received 3/4 inch in less than half hour.
  12. 12/14 Bad Pattern Storm Obs.

    Light snow started about 30 minutes ago - 30 degrees.
  13. The 12/14-15 The bad pattern storm

    Light snow at 30 degrees,
  14. Winter storm 12/8-9 Observations/Nowcasting II

    Boy is it coming down now. Temp has not budged. Probably .15-.20/hr rate.