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Please submit precise lat/long information here. Trying to create a data pool from which a map showing precise member locations can be made. MG has said that she will create the map. This would be a nice resource to have during weather events when following storm observations. I hope all will participate. After the map is created, we can keep it here as a reference and simply rename the thread. Hopefully the mods can pin so that it stays near the top for all to see.

Mine are lat 39°16’45”, long 78°09’33”

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Yes please! If you dont want to give your exact lat/long, that's fine, someplace near you is okay too. 


is a good resource to find your lat/long information

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38.754410,  -77.134620

Plug these coords into Google Maps. Seriously. The last time the Google Mapmobile circled our cul-de-sac to refresh StreetView pics, they caught me bending over to check the tire pressure on one of our cars parked out front. My ass has been preserved on StreetView for seven years now...really wish they'd update the imagery.  :thumbsdown:

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28 minutes ago, stormtracker said:



no wonder you dont snow

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