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  1. Yeah, at 3100' I'm high but low so we do well in town on still nights. I'm sure the ridges here were several degrees warmer.
  2. Temps creeping down into the 30s, maybe some flakes soon?
  3. Lol. The trip up here should be colorful, but not a whole lot left once you get above 3k'.
  4. Yes, probably the busiest few weeks of the year. Most people come too late though, they don't realize how early our leaves change. Couple more.
  5. Yeah, parking in town here is tough especially during busy times, so we diagonal park in places that were probably meant for parallel just to squeeze in as many as possible. Sometimes I worry someone will drive right into the brewery.
  6. Full blast colors here. Have been for a while. The warm/wet weather setting in right when we neared peak appears to be the perfect combination to stretch out the duration of the wonderful colors. I'm guessing the colors will be nice for at least another week.
  7. The recent warmth slowed the changes down, but leaves are looking pretty nice at this point (I'd guess 60% looking at Canaan Mountain). However, with the cooler, drier weather settling in, I would suspect that next weekend we will be getting close to peak colors, and the weekend after should really be colorful as well.
  8. Its that time! Noticed substantial colors on the leaves today on Canaan Mountain.
  9. Just guessing but I'd speculate mid September is average first frost, so its definitely early.
  10. Yep, very frosty this morning. Looked like snow on the ground in some places.
  11. Wow, I should visit this thread more often! Lots of adventures!
  12. Yep, renewed rivalry with VA Tech would be nice.
  13. Its going to be the end of the existence of a Big 12 conference at all. I believe if this happens the remaining teams will be absorbed into other conferences such as Big 10 and ACC, and the conferences will be renamed.
  14. Had to wear gloves on my morning bike ride. 47 degrees at the time.
  15. Nationals channeling some 2019 mojo?
  16. Patchy frost again here this morning. Sheesh.
  17. Light frost this morning.
  18. 5 weeks ago would definitely have been too early to go maskless indoors imo. I feel like we are rapidly approaching my personal line for when I feel like taking off the masks is finally warranted. When everyone who wants to be vaccinated is, and the local community rate of infection is low (which I guess is a bit subjective) then what else would we be waiting for?
  19. Yeah, the CDC giving the go ahead to remove masks will really help give the states, counties and local businesses the push to follow. There may be some holdouts. Its a nice carrot to temp those non-vaccinated to make the leap as well.
  20. Open til 9pm, but I stop making pizzas in the back around 8pm.
  21. No, the website is not up to date. We're open 4-9pm Friday, 1-9pm Sat and 1-7pm Sunday. Unfortunately we are still only doing pizzas on Thursday. Hope to run into you!
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