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  1. Any time! I'll be working on pies next . . .
  2. Thanks! Yeah, the wheat never seems to rise as high as the regular sourdough. I'm thinking that is just the nature of the wheat bread, more dense. Attached is the side view of the cut regular sourdough. The one on the right appears to have risen higher due to the scoring technique I used on that one.
  3. Here is a whole wheat one I did with cut shot for crumb structure. Don't have that shot for the country sourdough from my first pic.
  4. Working on my sourdough skill for the future bakery. Any sourdough experts in here?
  5. Me too. Worst part of a lot of snow on the ground is when its all melting and no signs of good snow on the horizon. Muddy and crappy ruins the warm stretch. At that point its just time for it to go.
  6. 11 degrees 3.4" of snow overnight puts us over the century mark. Took us until May to manage that last year.
  7. Yeah, and they are half the size they were a week ago before our mini thaw the other day. Luckily no one trudges through that part of our yard during the winter. Had to close down the sidewalk by the brewery for a few days because snow of the roof was threatening to fall. Glad we did, huge chunks fell during business hours on Saturday, would have seriously injured someone had they been hit.
  8. Added around 4" here. Meh.
  9. Warm snow. Only really sticking to snow on the ground.
  10. Snowing big slow-motion flakes here now. Frankly I'm not really sure what to expect out of this one.
  11. I do think it has been a lack of effort the last couple of years that has really hurt us.
  12. 11.2" so far Already reached my bar for the storm. Everything from here out is gravy.
  13. 8.1" total so far Changed to sleet and freezing rain for a couple hours when the rates slowed. But as its picked up again its all snow.
  14. We've gotten lucky out here on this one so far. Moisture training us all morning. Over 7" so far. Looks like it cuts off quickly just south of here, hope it keeps coming during the day. Nice surprise so far.
  15. I know this didn't turn out like many hoped. But the Bills are legit tough. They have a solid chance to take down the Chiefs. (if the Chiefs survive the Browns lol)
  16. To make an observation we've gotten close to 7" between yesterday and today's snow. Back to winter wonderland.
  17. Its a straight shot down Rt. 219 from Deep Creek. We're about 30 minutes from Oakland, around 45 minutes to Deep Creek.
  18. Yep, the old grocery store (almost caddy corner across the street from Siriannis) is being tuned into a 3 story building with retail/commercial spots on the lower levels and residential rentals up higher. Not the spot near the bridge, although the old worn down motel and restaurant that were there were torn down and moved away in November (finally). The town should really be spiffed up soon.
  19. We will sell some at the brewery until we get the bakery/cafe space opened later this year. We're leasing a space in a building they are renovating on the Blackwater Riverfront area. We will have windows on three sides of the space that pull up garage door style in warm weather with views of the river. We will probably end up selling Stumptown beer there along with wine. So many options with this space we haven't really worked out everything in our plan yet.
  20. And its a good base for the forthcoming upslope fluff.
  21. Only been to Romney a couple of times for my sons' basketball games. Seems like a nice little town from what I could tell. Definitely not going to get much snow there, though. As mentioned they are in the shadow of the Alleghenies.
  22. I hope you're right! PM me if you head this way. Probably a wait to get in over the weekend, but Sunday Monday may be easier. I'm usually off the grid during weekends, I'm trying to get my next business started up here (artisanal bakery). I plan on being an all-round yeast master.
  23. I'm going to take the over on that. Hope I'm not wrong.
  24. Just found two 2019s of BCBS in my beer cellar. So I'm going with one of those next (almost went with 2019 FW Parabola, but I only have one) Pants optional Christmas Eve here in my household.