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  1. Open 5-9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Saturdays from 4-9pm. Adding Sundays soon from 1-7pm. Half capacity for all these days. Still cans/growlers to go as well.
  2. Let me know how that is. I've been contemplating a "pie" version of the fruited sour w/lactose.
  3. Not sure if there is any validity, but First Amendment rights of freedom of travel and freedom of assembly might be the only ones I could see looking into whether they have been infringed upon.
  4. Found out we can open at half capacity on the 21st. Not sure if I want to or not, got some time to ponder I suppose.
  5. Its a barrel aged pale/strong ale. Basically we put our non-dryhopped Big Boy Pants in a Buffalo Trace barrel for 6 months. Much more complexity than I was anticipating. Very strong, a nice sipper.
  6. I had a good time too, hope you make it back again soon. I forgot to get you a Big Barrel Pants can and ran down the street to try to catch you as you were leaving Siriannis. Just missed you, but got some good exercise out of it lol.
  7. I love the JREAM series. We now brew a series/style based upon that series from Burley Oak. I had a few versions on our trip to OC last summer and decided immediately that we have to have that style. Tart but balanced by the sweetness of fruit. Ours is called Smoot Eez. Right now we have a Blackberry/Cranberry version and a Blueberry Strawberry version on tap. Brewing a Pink Guava/Passionfruit one next week in anticipation of warmer weather finally arriving. This style has a huge following and are enjoyed by many who don't enjoy "beer" flavor. I'm surprised how many hop heads have also adopted this as a go to beer, especially when they are trying to hit something with a low abv. Your carrot cake one looks great. They know what they are doing over there. Enjoy!
  8. NWBaltimoreWX showed up and got me buzzed today. Good times.
  9. Reporting 2.6" as of 9pm, so we will fortunately avoid the embarrassment of posting sub 100" for at least another season
  10. Hopefully better skiing winters to come. The last two have been horrible so we're due. You should try coming out this way in the summer. We're actually as busy or busier than ski season during summer for hikers/bikers enjoying the cool average July high temp of 78 degrees. October is the busiest month of the year because of fall foliage. We don't normally get May snow chasers though.
  11. Nice. Say hi if you are able to make it back. Hope we eventually get back to the packed days of past.
  12. My wife owns it. I service her.
  13. We're open 2pm to 5pm, no need to order ahead, just show up. Best not to be right at 2pm, that's when its usually busiest. I don't normally work sales on Saturday's, but was planning to be there for a while tomorrow. Around 3pm would be a good time.
  14. What time are you going to be here? I can make sure I'm around. We've got our Blackberry/Cranberry kettle sour still available in cans. Snowing still.