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  1. Got down to 30 degrees yesterday morning. Leaves are changing quickly. I'd estimate around 40%.
  2. Yeah, surprisingly 30s is more common than you would think out here in August (and even July)
  3. Got down to 38 degrees here for the low this morning.
  4. Woke up to 1/2" of snow on the ground here in town this morning. Already melted. I wouldn't be surprised if the higher ridges got a couple inches.
  5. Looks like a pretty decent April snow incoming. What a waste.
  6. Since we are on the topic of beer, I wanted to pass along that we (Stumptown Ales) have just started our distribution and we are no longer just a brew pub. We now sell our 1/6 barrel kegs to bars/restaurants that specialize in craft beer. We can only self distribute in WV, so most of you will not see us out there, but we are starting with Morgantown along with the very local scene here in Davis/Thomas/Canaan Valley. Probably see us in Snowshoe and the eastern panhandle sometime soon, then maybe on to Charleston. If you are in any of those areas at a bar keep an eye out for our libations! Cheers!
  7. Something around that. Pretty pathetic.
  8. 5.3" of snow overnight. Still snowing pretty good. Enough to put us over the 100" mark for the season. Not enough for even a school delay
  9. Low of 6 degrees this morning. Final amount of snow yesterday ended up at 8.1". Slowly working our way to the century mark.
  10. I was up at Deep Creek earlier and they did much better with this storm as it flipped to snow up there hours earlier than here. Although we may catch up to them as we do better with the upslope normally, which we have going on in full force now.
  11. Picked up a surprise 1.5" last night. Not a big event by any means, but I"m shocked at how giddy I still get for snow, especially events that weren't even in the forecast when it began.
  12. Snowing again and giving everything a fresh coat of white. Odd as there is no forecast of snow for today/tonight.
  13. Love Aslin, we just bought their old keg cleaner for our brewery. Also love the NE style hop-juice IPAs. We brew an IPA and pale ale in the same vein. Looks like that one could use some carbonation . . .
  14. Ended up with over 10" from yesterday's disturbance. Really worked out well for places in a narrow strip here above 3000'.