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  1. Not sure, I know we've had frost every month of the year. But I don't recall any in July since I've been living here the last 20 years. I think it has been in the mid 30s every morning this week.
  2. Frosty 32 degrees this morning here
  3. The town of Davis is more in the range of 3100' at the river to maybe 3200' at the top of town.
  4. Gonna be close at the end of this to matching the entire amount of snow we received in January and February combined. Awesome and pathetic at the same time.
  5. Got a few inches in town last night, didn't start accumulating until well after sun went down. Today, it warmed up to a rain/snow mix this afternoon with temps rising to the mid-30s. More melting of snow than adding of snow, but just a few hundred feet up (like Canaan Heights) there is a solid 6"+ on the ground. I assume we will get more accumulating snow, even down in town, tonight after the sun goes down and we drop a few degrees. The highest ridges above 4k are probably killing it.
  6. Nope. Running . . .
  7. We came so close to opening the baker/wine bar in the building next to Hellbenders a couple of months ago. But decided to put that off for a few years until we're empty nesters.
  8. Sorry I missed you! I was beachin' it.
  9. Yawn Way less entertaining in here today than yesterday . . .
  10. Aaaah thank you. I knew I'd enjoy that
  11. I'll admit I'm looking forward to seeing the clown maps for this one.
  12. Ice is pretty uncommon here, we don't get help from CAD. This one appears to have the most potential for ice here that I can recall.
  13. 2.3" total reported on Canaan Heights. Its been a few years since we've had over an inch in October, which is an unusual stretch.
  14. 1.1" as of 7am here. In a bit of a lull but looks like we may have one more push of moisture headed our way over the next several hours.
  15. Been spitting pathetic tiny snow graupel flakes all morning. But hey, first flakes! Looks like best chance of accumulating snow will be tomorrow morning.
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