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  1. temps this morning around -20 in Davis per my buddy
  2. Beach snow is very similar to mountain snow is what I'm learning tonight.
  3. I'll do my best! Its definitely accumulating type snow coming down now.
  4. Flakes are actually falling here already. Thought we had more virga to survive . . .
  5. Hunkered down in Ocean City ready for whatever may swing this way tonight. Whatever falls will be snow on snow, arrived to a solid beach area snowcover of 1"+.
  6. I submit that I'm the king of the snow weenies on this board.
  7. I'm headed to West Ocean City tomorrow to chase flakes. Wish me luck.
  8. Flakes have begun this far north in Davis. Go time
  9. Good luck on your hunt! Half of the fun is the searching and dreaming. We all have to keep that in our lives, even after we reach what we were once searching and dreaming of.
  10. Life is short. Crafting your future to be where you want to be in your later years is so important. We're closing on a place in West Ocean City on Friday (hoping to see some snow there next weekend), with the plans of splitting time between the mountains and beach after we become empty nesters in just over four years.
  11. Fearless Weatherman forecast for up here. 12-20". Seems in line with guidance. https://whitegrass.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Fearless-Forecast-Jan-15.txt
  12. Its actually a pretty exciting storm considering its rare track. Its possible for an upside surprise with the first part of the storm if we can stay all snow and stay under heavier returns for a while. But the bread-n-butter upslope snow will definitely salvage whatever precedes it.
  13. Yes, I believe some out here may be disappointed as to how much we have on the ground Monday morning (I wouldn't be shocked to have a change or mix with sleet for a while Sunday night), only to watch the snow pile up on the backside upslope between Monday morning and Tuesday morning.
  14. Sorry booked up for the holiday weekend (weekends during the winter are tough). I may have another option if you get to the point where you're very interested in coming.
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