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  1. I live in Damascus, but I would not want to commute to DC from here. I would say Clarksburg or Urbana might be a good bet.
  2. Yea, I see what you mean.... especially after I put on my glasses lol
  3. My 6th grade class was rescheduled (canceled earlier due to snow) to attend outdoor education (overnight field trip) from Feb 27-3/1. We will be on top of South Mountain at the Skycroft Confernce Center. I’m am really torn- do I route for snow and possibly stuck in the mountain with 6th graders, or no snow.
  4. Looking at the radar, I would think in 2-3hr central MD will be greeting either rain or freezing rain. Currently very light zr
  5. Absent expectations, any event is a good event. 4.5” here with some drizzle beginning .
  6. Well, I shoveled my drive and cleared the cars, so it would figure if the sleet and freezing rain materialized.
  7. Love Sierra Nevada and particularly the Torpedo. Nice choice!
  8. Well, I’ll stand in for those who are abstaining and crack and ole reliable Snake Dog. Cheers!
  9. Over 3” here. The rates between 8:00 and 9:00 were insane. On average since the snow started the rate has been over 1” per hour
  10. Definitely best rates here since the Jan 16 a few years back. It out down an inch in 30 min
  11. Decent rates here with visibility under .2mi. Closing in on an inch.