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  1. I'm mostly a lurker; I basically just stick to posting obs during storms. I read the forum every day and appreciate those who put their viewpoints out there for everyone to see each day. This is as sad as I've seen the site in a while. I feel the same as most of you about the horrific base state. I humbly request to be added to the watch list -- my first time.
  2. Can confirm. That was a heavy downpour!
  3. Finally over to mostly snow in Derwood. Starting to see the grass whiten. Nice wintry scene, so I'll take it.
  4. Coming home from DC on the Red Line. All rain at Grosvenor to 50/50 rain snow mix at Shady Grove. Heading to the house now. Looking forward to the heavies.
  5. Snowing in Derwood. Our side road is covered.
  6. Just changed to almost all snow and sleet here in Derwood. Starting to see some stickage on the deck!
  7. Big flakes mixing in with the rain here in Derwood, MD
  8. Learning question: Does 50/50 refer to longitude/latitude? If so, doesn't that map show a 50/70 L? If I understand correctly, we want a strong system there because it funnels cold air into our area, right?
  9. Flurries in NE DC near Union Station. First flakes of the season!
  10. I'm right next to Union Station, about to head out. Rain and wind has commenced!
  11. Been pretty dry here in Derwood the past few days with storms firing all around us. Finally getting some much needed rain right now though. Radar doesn't look great but I'll take what I can get.
  12. Beautiful sunny afternoon in downtown DC. More days like this please.
  13. Grass and mulch turning white here in Derwood. Enjoying it - may be my last obs post of the season.