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  1. Flurries in NE DC near Union Station. First flakes of the season!
  2. I'm right next to Union Station, about to head out. Rain and wind has commenced!
  3. Been pretty dry here in Derwood the past few days with storms firing all around us. Finally getting some much needed rain right now though. Radar doesn't look great but I'll take what I can get.
  4. Beautiful sunny afternoon in downtown DC. More days like this please.
  5. Grass and mulch turning white here in Derwood. Enjoying it - may be my last obs post of the season.
  6. Grass starting to whiten here in Derwood. Another wintery day...
  7. Sleet and snow mixed precip has started in Derwood.
  8. OK, I may have been premature on the final call of 1.5 here in Derwood. It's coming down moderately and seems to be accumulating again. I cant seem to get much work done because I keep stopping to look out the window.
  9. I'm about the same, which makes sense since we live in the same area. Derwood seems to be a snow town these past few years.
  10. We still have snow coming down in Derwood. It hasn't stopped since early this morning. Not really accumulating at this point, but it's been nice to see SnowTV all day. Bring on the mini torch, and hopefully we'll get back to winter in another week.
  11. Just measured 0.5 in Derwood. Already exceeded expectations. A beautiful winter scene outside.
  12. Just some light snow here at Union Station in DC. Windy though.
  13. Just saw a change in Derwood. Was white rain until now, but flakes just got heavier, temp dropped another degree, and grass is starting to whiten.