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  1. Snow and graupel falling in Derwood. Pretty legit winter scene right now!
  2. Big fat flakes in Derwood right now. Nothing sticking of course.
  3. 39.139181, -77.145364 (Redland Park, close enough to where I live)
  4. Starting to see decent icing on the trees and my driveway in Derwood. Enjoyed the SnowTV this morning before the flip.
  5. Paint-peeling sleet in Derwood now.
  6. Finally getting that heavy sleet in Derwood. Might even be seeing some flakes mix in. Kids are happy as their daycare is closed. I guess we’ll go sleet sledding later
  7. Sleet in Derwood. Sitting in the central MoCo snow hole. Haven’t seen much of the heavies yet
  8. Woken up by a sleet freezing rain mix here in Derwood. Bummed to not see snow.
  9. 27/12 at 4am in Derwood. Living life inside of the claw for now...
  10. Started as mostly sleet here in Derwood but now it’s a mix of sleet and zr. Kids are bummed with another gloomy, non snowy day.
  11. Ended up with 1.25 inches of mostly sleet here in Derwood. Nice winter scene, though I'll admit I'm jealous of those of you just up 270 who got mostly powder. On to the next storm(s)!
  12. Still snow and sleet mix here in Derwood. I don’t remember too many other times where I’ve had hours of sleet. The yard and street are turning into a glacier.