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  1. Bands of heavy rain and VERY loud thunderstorms all night over here. Woke us and the dog up a few times overnight. between bands right now, but most of the local area has seen 1.5-2.5"
  2. Does the Delmarva still have a good chance either way for some beneficial rains? From what I see it looks that way. Not to take away from anywhere else in the region, we all need it, but I'll, take what I can get.
  3. This is the second time you have made this statement without any further explanation. care to elaborate?
  4. Tornado warning kent county DE. STRONG ROTATION
  5. I think that question's going to be asked quite a bit in the coming days...
  6. Good God! This is insane! Not even a watch
  7. Reports on social media of possible tornado damage near Woodstock, MD
  8. Rotation near fulton, maybe a baby hook on relfectivity?
  9. looks like it keeps trying north of Ft. Washington
  10. looks like a new area forming on the north shore
  11. although lightning production is really ramping up
  12. you jinxed it lol, looks like its breaking up a bit
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