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  1. Saw 7 robins at once hopping about the backyard this afternoon, apparently finding and plucking some worms among the mud and new grass.
  2. I thought the same going in -- Busan was edge-of-your-seat the entire movie. Highly recommended, even with the subtitles. Some describe it as Snowpiercer with zombies...though I haven't seen Snowpiercer.
  3. In other news...who saw "Parasite," and if you did, what did you think? My only other exposure to South Korean filmmaking was "Train to Busan" a few years back -- which was a damn good zombie apocalypse flick.
  4. Agreed. Thought about firing up the firepit just before sunset. Good afternoon for it.
  5. It doesn't...skipping breakfast for years in my case pushed me to eating the bad stuff later in day. I sometimes try the 2-meal regimen you outline here (with focus on "better" foods) and have had better luck keeping numbers in check. Still try to make time for a small protein shake or something for breakfast, per doc's wishes...though I'm still not crazy about that.
  6. Temp rebounded to 38, up ~10 degrees from daybreak. Heavy frost in the grass where the sun hasn't touched it that. Next best thing to snow, this season anyway.
  7. Critical advice here, especially WRT eating breakfast. Doc was on my arse several years ago for skipping breakfast for so many years...which triggered eating habits contributing to pre-diabetes. Don't skip it.
  8. I was, and good to know -- thx!
  9. That's great. One of the Alexandria DMVs is closed down for renovation, so the southern FfxCo branches have been overloaded. It's been horrible.
  10. Put the Pixel 4 through its astrophotography paces while camping in French Creek State Park (PA) in early November 2019. Still some light pollution intruding from nearby Philly, but not as bad the D.C. metro area.
  11. A few recent pics of the moon, taken with my Pixel 4...without tripod, unfortunately.
  12. Good luck, sincerely. The line was nearly 50 people deep, 45 minutes BEFORE the doors opened a few days ago.