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  1. School Closures in the DC Region

    From your lips to God's ears...
  2. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    Thanks VERY much for this kind of explanation WITH visuals, psuH...helps long-time lurkers/learners like myself. Quick follow-on question -- how does all of this relate, if at all, to the IVT that was around yesterday, giving some of us pixie dust flurries just after the noon hour?
  3. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    Oh, I believe it is bad even 5-7 miles to my N & W. I was thinking earlier today (even though we'd be skating in Hades before it were even considered) that FCPS really should be split into two school districts, NW vs. SE. The entire district's delays and closings are typically determined by the worst conditions, the baseline for which is nearly always the far NW corner of the county. BTW, just ticked back down a degree to 36.
  4. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    I'm honestly surprised FCPS had the cojones to delay. As @Kingstonian mentioned a few minutes ago, some shaded pavement areas have icy spots in this area, but I've encountered no other slick spots either on roads or sidewalks in SE FfxCo. Temps have risen 4 degrees in past hour or so to 37, and back edge of precip looks to be swinging through shortly. I've no doubt this turned out to be a much icier event from the MD/District line northward, but here it's kind of a nothingburger. I'd be a little ticked, too, if I were mattieg...except my kids have finally escaped the FCPS gulag.
  5. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    34/20. And yeah...VERY bone-headed call by FCPS and most of the southern 'burb school districts to either close early or (oh, my stars and garters) CLOSE today. #GimmeABreak #LookingAtYouFCPS
  6. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    33/15. First time in days I can recall it being above freezing. I'm wondering if FCPS is going to regret their call to close schools today...despite bitterly cold temps and wind chills on Friday, many parents I spoke to were already up in arms over the call to close down that day.
  7. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    Flurries to SN- within past 45 minutes. 28/8. Short vid: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5k4uZ9LowyI5xiTm2
  8. Winter Photo Thread

    Last year was obviously horrible for photographing snow-covered Christmas decor, so getting out and getting pics was a priority yesterday afternoon and evening...
  9. Winter Photo Thread

    You're starting with great subjects and can compose a good pic...but yeah, the 5s still takes some decent shots after all of these years!
  10. Dec 8/9 Obs and discussion (Showme's) Storm

    Got 2" here in our SE corner of SE FfxCo, at least where it stuck. And yeah...the snow DEFINITELY enhances the holiday decor. Really nice early December event.
  11. Dec 8/9 Obs and discussion (Showme's) Storm

    Snapped just a few minutes ago from a traffic cam just outside of Salisbury...road conditions look somewhat abominable, with one car spun out into guard rail and another stopped just behind it. Watching the cam for a few minutes, it appears that some folks traveling in the right lane ARE going too fast for conditions...
  12. July Obs/Disco Thread

    Completely underwhelming in this corner of SE FfxCo. Couple rumbles of thunder and about a two-minute downpour. Impressive 15 degree drop within 30 minutes, though...down to 80 degrees.
  13. July Obs/Disco Thread

    I had a reading of 100 on the sensor IMBY, just after 12:30 p.m. which is interesting, as we typically run a degree or two or three BELOW whatever DCA is reporting. Back down to 96 with DP continuing to hover in low 70s right now....couple towers bloomed overhead and nearby in past hour.
  14. 2017 Severe Thread

    Skies darkened and winds picked up considerably, with about another 15 minutes of sideways rain here at Fort Belvoir, but it's dying off now with skies brightening and clearing quickly to the SW. The radar vs. real-life experience didn't quite match up.
  15. March Obs/Disco Thread

    I hear you. Still love the snow, always will, but we just don't enjoy the extended chances down here in S/E-of-95-land that you guys usually typically do.