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  1. Great pic. This same scene literally happened at about 12:30 to 1 p.m.-ish today here in SE FfxCo. And looks like it might be getting ready to repeat within the next 30-60 min, although I don't think we'll whiff on this round. Currently 94/75.
  2. 99/74 IMBY. Yep, I still prefer this wx over 38 and a very cold rain...
  3. This x100. Had several young friends when I was a kid get struck by lightning when standing under a tree....one died. I guess I thought that, logically, most of us have been taught NOT to stand under trees when thunderstorms descend....maybe that isn't a safe assumption anymore. I experienced a direct lightning strike to the front peak of my childhood home in PA when I was a teenager...the immediate thunder crash and literal shaking to the foundation of our 100-year old home, combined with (literally!) EVERY electrical appliance in the house spiking/surging/failing/screaming was an experience I won't forget for the rest of my life. And because of it...I have a VERY healthy respect for lightning, always.
  4. Right? By the time you get to the "Oh, SHIT!" moment....it could be/might be TOO LATE for you. If it's THAT blackish/greyish/greenish in the sky when this type of weather approaches? My ass is gonna be in our HALF BASEMENT. I love to photograph and do video of wx phenom, but not to the detriment of me remaining upright and vertical...
  5. A "thin" early evening storm passing through late last week....seemed to consist of a gust front and little else behind it, which allowed the sunset to underlight the backside.
  6. LOL. So, in terms of amusement parks, it seems that roller coasters are the *ONLY* type of ride this old man can handle anymore. I can't spin, do barrel rolls, or otherwise ROTATE in any way on any amusement ride (with the arguable exception of LOOPING coasters, for some reason!) without getting vertigo or some motion sickness. It saddens me....as I used to be able to ride ANYTHING that the amusement parks offered, at least decades ago.
  7. LOL. The SooperDooperLooper IS pretty tame by today's standards, but brings back a lot of great memories. I was a pre-teen WAY back when that coaster (one of the first loopers on the East Coast or the country, I think?) opened, and the coolest souvenir to have that summer was the "I survived the SooperDooperLooper!" t-shirt...
  8. Haven't had any 120 since you brought that up....dear God, late last winter or early spring! Need to try to track down some of that at Wegmans on the brew run tomorrow.
  9. Well...it's nothing that a decent IPA can't fix, right, @CAPE? What's in your mug tonight??
  10. Wow....this is sad, Wildcat is a great coaster. To @mappy's point....it's definitely gotten to be a rougher ride over the years. Really....Hersheypark is probably my favorite East Coast park for roller coasters. I could ride the Great Bear ALL. DAMN. DAY. A close second preference for great coaster variety is Busch Gardens Williamsburg....I think the Alpengeist there is my all-time favorite coaster, followed by Apollo's Chariot. Wasn't a great fan of the Griffon, after I let my sons drag me onto it. I just have a thing/preference for suspended coasters.
  11. 95/76. As bad as that is, those numbers are still lower than when we swung through Savannah on our way to Tybee Island last week...got an adult Icee at Wet Willies on the Savannah waterfront and it was completely melted within 20 minutes. The SC low country does heat and humidity SO well. I don't mind the H&H at the height of summer around here, actually prefer it over the typical cold/wet we've had in recent winters, but for those of you who hate it, well....don't go out there right now.
  12. Sorry to see this. The range of conditions across the DMV on this particular line has been interesting. Many getting hammered; some getting hardly anything at all.
  13. I know, right? That stuff was really rotating when it first started to move in...mesmerizing. And nice indeed on the 'hood meet! My wife and I were wondering if last night was the HF/VH B meet. Pretty sure you probably know our awesome next-door neighbors (the Garcias) who live here in HF, but are still members at VH. They are SUCH a cool fam...
  14. Some middling lightning/thunder, steady rain for about 10-15 min now, none of which I feel deserves a ST warning....but the most impressive thing was the boiling pot of mammatus clouds just prior to the "main" weather kicking in on this line...
  15. Noticed this same setup at least 3-4 times yesterday -- I don't recall seeing these types of clouds very often in this area.
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