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  1. Oh, yeah -- I actually HAD that Red Zep in my hand at Wegmans this afternoon!
  2. Yeah, noticing that on radar...weird. The larger batch of precip moving across the bay is heading ENE, while the line south and west of the beltway is sliding southeast. Interesting.
  3. Oh, yeah....if Weggy's has Get Bent in the "pick your six" cooler, I always grab one. One of my consistently excellent favorites.
  4. Indeed. And I just returned from the "candy aisle" at Wegmans...
  5. I've heard some good feedback on the Impossible burgers. Doesn't Burger King offer one? I've been meaning to try it, but I need to go like a whole DAY without eating before tackling a Whopper anymore.
  6. Okay, I would try this based on giant cartoon artichoke on the label alone...just sayin'.
  7. Something wicked this way comes. Not really, though -- that was about 10 minutes ago, and the dark clouds in advance proved to be more bark than bite, as we're just getting a breezy hard shower right now, with a couple peeks of sun already on the backside of it.
  8. As are those isolated I and X brood clumps in SW Virginia....very weird.
  9. 77 here, with several peeks of sun within past 30 minutes, and clear blue skies visible in the west....let's see how we do.
  10. While I'd certainly like to avoid in the future the widespread power outages and damage we experienced in the June 2012 derecho, that event tops my list of best/most interesting wx phenomena I've experienced since moving to NoVA 30 years ago. The March 3, 2018 sustained high wind event is a close second.
  11. Are you pleased with the Tempest kit? How long installed? I've read about this a few times in recent months, and I'm intrigued...have thought about pulling the trigger on it once or twice, but haven't heard a lot of "real world" feedback.
  12. You got a great angle on the edge of that gust front. I tried to capture the speed of it on video with "meh" results -- doubling the playback speed shows motion better. It was definitely hauling ass, and I could hear the increasing roar of the wind to the west, about five minutes before it slammed Hayfield.
  13. Northernmost line approaching LWX definitely looking more raggedy than an hour ago, however....the strongest portion does appear to be taking a bead on the area just north of the District, so maybe you guys are indeed in play.
  14. This turned out really nice....and it's a perfect spot to hear the water playing in the fountains while sitting on the deck, very soothing. Well done!!
  15. If so, then that swarm and the incoming line of storms are gonna meet head-on directly over our heads within the hour...maybe playing out a couple scenes from "Independence Day."