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  1. Was curious about the measurable rain in these parts overnight, since my gauge broke. I was also ticked last evening as the big storms diverted around (or formed just to east of) SE FfxCo for the umpteenth day in a row. And then I went to bed. Got about a half hour of decent sleep before the light/sound show started in earnest around midnight, and with only a couple of lulls, it didn't really let up until 3:30 or 4 a.m. Haven't had so little sleep due to storms since I can remember...lots of shock-you-awake, rattle-the-house thunder, too. Geez. Last night's performance certainly made up for all of the missed ones in previous days.
  2. One last bit of development in Springfield/Franconia areas just to my west, at the end of the the main line trailing through the District right now. Just had a shower go through, hope to catch at least a rainbow on that last bit's passage overhead. We'll see. 81 degrees out, though...and still a little sticky out.
  3. Same here, for almost two hours now, but...I would've traded my pea-sized hail today for your mammatus clouds.
  4. Can confirm. Here's the backside of that storm heading east, crossing the Potomac. Full sun back out now, back up to 72 after torrential rain over past 15 minutes.
  5. Getting pea sized hail with that just-warned storm moving into SE FfxCo.
  6. My wife is out attempting a fresh veggie run right now, hitting up Kingstowne Giant/Safeway by default. She's tried the Alexandria Wegman's a couple times over the past week, at various times of the day, but it's typically picked over with the added bonus of checkout lines extending halfway back into the store.
  7. Impressive for almost least IMBY.
  8. Yeah, weeds are aggressively early in my front beds this year. A couple of the compacta holly bushes have turned neon-green with new leaf growth all the way around. They don't usually get that look until at least the start of May. This may turn into the longest mowing/trimming season ever.
  9. Agreed. Now, my seasonal allergies and the pollen will kick my arse starting this week and, likely, through mid-May, but the increasingly decent patio weather will be totally worth it.
  10. I'm sincerely sorry for your loss -- we've had dogs die suddenly over the years, and a couple linger on for awhile with extended illnesses, and while any type of loss of our canine friends suck, the sudden ones are the real gut-punches. Also glad to hear you have a "transition" doggo...that helps a bit.
  11. Saw 7 robins at once hopping about the backyard this afternoon, apparently finding and plucking some worms among the mud and new grass.
  12. I thought the same going in -- Busan was edge-of-your-seat the entire movie. Highly recommended, even with the subtitles. Some describe it as Snowpiercer with zombies...though I haven't seen Snowpiercer.