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August 2022


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5 minutes ago, Brian5671 said:

worst of it ended with the early August heatwave...lower sun angle and shorter days now so sure we'll get some heat but it won't be anything like during the heart of summer.

I didn't say the worst is yet to come...obviously the worst is over if you are looking strictly at high temps. 

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1 hour ago, forkyfork said:

oopsy poopsy. look at the war stopping the cold in its tracks. a wall of protection <3


It still trended cooler for those days. Never said it was a permanent thing

And I've accepted things will always be warm from now on. I just want some storms or something. 

This whole summer is the equivalent to cold/dry all winter. 

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17 minutes ago, jm1220 said:

Long Beach might actually get a T-storm, it’ll be close. Fingers crossed. 

I'm here in the Long Beach desert, the 2nd or 3rd round of t storms going on now.  Had the pleasure of nearly getting blown off a bike on the boardwalk in blinding rain, fun times still though.

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With nothing else to hang our hats or anticipations on the Euro at day 10 and some of its ensembles from 00Z, have not seen 12Z yet have a tropical system near the Bahamas on day 10.   High pressure aloft is entrenched to the north so some semblance of U.S. threat is possible down the road.  Long ways off but with absolutely nothing else going on might as well find something on the maps of interest.

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6 minutes ago, jm1220 said:

Radar says maybe 0.50” there. It was tiny and flew by. Enough to make some puddles and that’s it, wayyy more needed. 

That cell weakened a lot by the time it got here. Just a sprinkle here with the sun trying to come out already. It just doesn't want to rain

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