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  1. might have to wait till november or december for sustained fall weather..
  2. felt refreshing this morning not quite wear a closed jacket but close enough
  3. remember the 1996 blizzard when it started snowing when temps were around 13 or 14 degrees.. some winters lately we barely even get to that temp for the coldest low of the entire winter in nyc
  4. i dont want going forward muggy humid octobers.. i prefer chilli so you prefer unbearable summer heat and humidity going forward as we are having recently?
  5. we had cold winters in the mid 1980;s into the early 90;s as well.
  6. winters will never be as cold as they were back in the 1970's and 1980's in this area unless something huge happens like a massive volcanic eruption something like that... that climate change for you..'
  7. at least there is a breeze...something you don't usually get on a summer morning...
  8. lee goldberg busted yesterday saying the sun would break out this afternoon..in the city...
  9. i am so looking forward to the chill down on sunday into early next week tired of this humidity in the air 68 degrees with a dew point of 62 for mid october... smh...
  10. complete bust by the nhc on pamela strength worst bust of the season..
  11. a lil bit of sunlight here in manhattan..or brightening
  12. gloomy misty chilly wind raw feeling my kind of weather..wish every day was like this for october...
  13. 72 degrees 60 dewpoint for this time of year that is uncomfortable.
  14. another warm uncomfortable day shaping up for october 8.
  15. looking forward to sustained fall weather in november...
  16. 65 dew point falls into the uncomfortable scale
  17. low to mid 50 is pretty chilly especially when you sleep with the windows open...
  18. i had the heat on a few nights last week it was so chilly..
  19. here in the city it is so muggy outside feels like a july morning
  20. humanity has survived a long ice age it will survive anything short of a massive asteroid or comet hitting the planet...
  21. feels very humid summer like for october 3
  22. it felt very warm out their this morning and the sun angle was so low it kinda blinded me a few times...
  23. they did not have concrete before humanity existed so central park temps are what the real temps should be..
  24. the other day newark was 70 and the only place that was close to newark was philly which was 68.. it shows newark temps are not accurate ...
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