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  1. hoodie and a jacket wearing season last few days..
  2. i have had a the heat quite a few times before this weekend even in manhattan..
  3. what a beautiful weekend had the heat on i enjoyed the dark gloomy rainy skies...
  4. i think as of right now idalia will be the only storm to be retired..
  5. uk may be just ahead of the icon as the worst model..these days..
  6. yesterday at this time was doom and gloom storm was not going to be much now what a difference today..
  7. euro and all the models are a joke 24 hours ago it was over now the opposite..
  8. these models you never know from one run to the next smh...
  9. did anyone look before dawn in the eastern sky how bright venus looked..
  10. i have seen many people wearing hoodies for the last few days now it is hoodie season!!
  11. why is weather forecasting so bad a few days ago we were looking a week to 10 days without any rain now that has changed quickly.,
  12. there is a difference between 68 southerly winds and humidity and 68 low humidity and a brisk northerly wind.
  13. i had to have the heat on last night it was very chilly..
  14. lately i have been seeing these weird insects on my window screens they are almost 2 inches long kinds stocky almost like half a cockroach but they can fly .. hopefully the cooler weather will drive them away..
  15. hoodie weather today it feels great!
  16. nice heavy downpour for manhattan..
  17. very dark and pouring in manhattan.
  18. nhc dropped the ball on the wind shear that devastated lee..does not look he will recover ...
  19. some of the loudest thunder i have heard in many years..
  20. can hear the thunder from the bronx here in manhattan just light rain here
  21. it depends on where the upwelling happened if the storm was in the very warm waters gulf or the deep warm waters south of cuba the water temps would have rebounded already
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