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  1. tomorrow and monday will be my kind of summer days low 70's low humidity
  2. who would have thought it would be better in nyc then burlington vermont or caribou maine to escape the heat
  3. lovely weather for this time of year in the city
  4. as invigorating a morning for the city as you can get probably until mid october lol..
  5. lots of cold fronts in april and early may went down to the gulf coast cooling the gulf..
  6. it feels like summer today only because of the humidity and not the temps..
  7. more the n just a bit windy gale force winds...
  8. cool and chilly breeze maybe i should close my windows you don't need ac with temps in the upper 70's and very low humidity like it was on saturday and sunday was cool
  9. i don't mind this kind of weather.. the longer you can delay the real summer heat the better it is...
  10. even wearing gloves this morning my hands were cold.. brr...
  11. as cold and blustery a morning as it was any day this past winter !
  12. down to 35 tying record set in 1947 looks like it's a lock to break the record...
  13. this ties the record for latest snow for nyc...
  14. accuweather bust said no wet snow flakes for the city... i see wet snow flakes micxng in here in manhattan
  15. accuweather was wrong even when i see wet snow flakes the weather forecaster said not expecting any snow in the city..
  16. 2 places i thought about when it comes to this kinda weather
  17. i love gloomy chilly weather i wish everyday was like this