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  1. the storm was always going to become a major no matter what the nay'ayers on this board were saying yesterday..
  2. what a blustery day for september my hands were cold i should have worn gloves..
  3. time to turn the heat on going to be quite chilly even in the city tonight..
  4. third summer peak warmth will finally be over following the cold front passage later this week
  5. well bob was a hurricane and just passed to the east of long island in 1991
  6. feels like mid october weather
  7. by october 1st fall will have arrived a little late...
  8. nyc has picked up .50 of rain.. since yesterday..
  9. not unusual for california in september
  10. remarkably dumb model temps been wrong every time you post...
  11. what a beautiful; day today.. cool temps nice breeze jacket weather !!
  12. where is idub23 the atlantic will have 2 hurricanes within days and he vanishes...
  13. every day that goes on by gets us closer to real fall weather i am guessing 2 weeks from now..
  14. the reservoirs need the rain so this is a good thing..
  15. did the tonga volcanic eruption effect the climate this summer?
  16. all that record heat in canada has pushed east by mid sept
  17. even in hot august we had a 6 day stretch of delightful weather with low humidity felt great.. september will even be better...
  18. aww september the month where we transition from summer to fall i just feel it. it is this close..
  19. today will end the second peak of summer as nicer dryer air comes in starting tomorrow ,for a few days..
  20. i like climate change in the winter it keeps winters from being brutally cold as it was when i was a kid..
  21. normal high for nyc on sept 10 is 78 degrees so this map will translate to a high between 81-82...
  22. offcially summer ends sept 22..
  23. august is almost over looking forward to cool nights comfortable days jacket weather.. it will be here soon enough..
  24. i remember that morning watching the news the director of the national hurricane center at that time bob sheets was on tv and the building was shaking..
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